my scooter almost exploded (but luckily for me, it didnt)

After about two weeks after the accident, I got a call from the mechanic telling me that it was ready for collection. I headed to the workshop. The man who knocked me down was there too.

I was civil, but I didn’t talk much to him. I wasn’t being rude, but I was ready to close the chapter and put it behind me.

After an examination on the scooter, I sat on my scooter and waved goodbye to him, thinking to myself, hoping that I’ll never have another accident again.

But as I rode back home, I can sense that something is not quite right with the scooter. Rather than that inviting feeling I get when riding my scooter, it just felt cold and lifeless.

Let the power of the cocoa coloured GT200 beckon you ...

The next morning, there was a very strong smell of petrol coming from the inside of the scooter. I was most concerned. Something is just not right.

Mr Singh, a colleague at the school that I was attached to, noticed it too and advised me to send it for servicing.

pic of the front counter of Tong Aik

Me : Funny thing is, I just went to the mechanic recently. But I want to send it to someone who specialises in Vespa. I tried to call Piaggio service center, but they only work on weekdays.

Mr Singh : Why don’t you bring it to Tong Aik? They work on weekends too. I brought my scooter there for 20 years now. I really recommend it.

Me : But yours is a manual, Mr Singh. Mine is an automatic

Mr Singh : Not a problem. As long as its a Vespa, they can do it for you. Let me get you their contact.

I went there early in the morning to avoid the long waiting time. It was quite easy to get there. It was near Sim Lim Square, my favourite computer shop.

It was such a curious place. I rode all the way to the fifth floor where their workshop was. I knew I was at the right place when I saw all sorts of scooters there. Vintage and new Vespas in all shapes and colours. As I admired the procession of scooters a man in blue overalls popped out of nowhere.

pic of a LX150 Tong Aik

man : Hi! How can I help you?

me : Hi, I’m looking for Mr Wee? My colleague, Mr Singh recommended me here for a servicing.

man : That’s me. Mr Singh? Oh yes, he worked for the police previously didn’t he? What kind of service would you like for your scooter?

me: I’d like to have a full service on it please. Also, there is a strong petrol smell coming from inside. Can you check it for me?

man : No problem! Rest assured that I’ll personally check your scooter and repair what is needed.

After about 2 hours, I went back in the workshop area.

man : The belt and rollers need to be changed, they are worn out already. May I know where you did your servicing previously?

me: What’s wrong?

man : The mechanics there did not handle the tap properly and now its damaged. The oil was supposed to flow in 15 mins, but here, it took an hour.

me : Oh.

man : And you’ve got a good sense of smell there. Let me show you why you smelt the petrol smell.

Mr Wee opens up the cover and we both look at the engine. He revs up the throttle and to my horror, I saw petrol leaking out each time he revs it.

me : OH! MY! GOD!

man : The pipes are weak. It could have exploded but good thing that it didn’t.

me : OH! MY! GOD!

man : You are a very very lucky woman.

my eyes boggled*

man : I need to examine your scooter some more. So sorry to keep you waiting. But I dont think I can finish it now. Can you pick it up on Monday afternoon instead?

me : Yes, sounds good. Thanks for checking, and bye!

Pics of cool looking helmets

I think I’ll bring my baby to Tong Aik for servicing the next time, all the time.

Tong Aik Motors Supply Co
89 Short Street
Tel : 63379912

13 Replies to “my scooter almost exploded (but luckily for me, it didnt)”

  1. omg! what a scary thought – luckily nothing bad happened. 😛 sigh, some pple just don’t realize the dire consequences their sloppy work ethics can bring

  2. Ishk, just like Din and me got lucky when the chains didn’t get lodged in between the spokes of the moving rear wheel. Ishk.

    Anyway, did you have to pay from your own pocket for the 2nd servicing? Coz it’s the 1st mechanic that didn’t do a good job. Like wasted right…

  3. Myztika

    Thats why I wanted to bring it to a specialist. Not all mechanics are the same 😐 Even if I am not good at mechanics, I can still tell that there is something wrong. The original mechanic kept insisting that it was ok.


    Yes thank goodness! I have a colleage that had his chains snapped while on the expressway. Luckily for him, he was fine. But unfortunately for him, he had to push his bike for two hours to the nearest workshop.

    I have to pay my own money this time. About $300, yeah … such a waste of money …


    I pay less than $10 per week on petrol, which is much much cheaper than public transportation costs. I dont really need to pay for monthly maintanence. As long as you spray WD-40 on the parts every now and then (to prevent rusting) it will be fine.


    Um … Ok, give me time to think 😛

  4. Haha! That happened to Din and me too! He pushed the bike from my place near Jalan Bahar to International Road, one street away from the AYE entrance while I carried our helmets and rain jackets in the bile sling bag. It was crazy! Luckily someone gave us some info that made us call a ‘bikebulance’. Costed me near $60 for everything. That doesn’t look like much eh? But that bike gave us trouble and in the end it totals up to near $200! Grr.

    Lesson learnt: Watch out and slow down for road humps and apply chain oil religiously every week, if possible.

  5. Miza

    Oh I have the contact for the bikebulance! Being a vespa club member, I get a 10 dollar discount, so its about $20 for towing. (It said so on the card, not sure if its true or not)

    Thats a long push :S I’ve rode through that road before, its definitely not short.

    I think its a good investment to keep the bike in good condition rather than to have an accident later in the future. Or better yet, do self regular maintanence. Because of the shape, I cant see the chains underneath my scooter, so that will be of a challenge.

    I still like going fast through humps though sometimes … erm … its an acrobatic stunt.


    I have a soft spot for men in turbans 😛 Maybe its just me, but they seem to have a nurturing parental side

  6. Vania

    Thats for sure 😉


    Heaven knows how many accidents (including non road ones) that I’ve been in. Someone up there really loves me 🙂


    Yeah! Kalau terbakar, hancurlah anak mak …

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