My first road accident

Bah of bahness.

I was riding to work as normal this morning. I saw a woman waving for a cab. The next thing I knew, a car suddenly cut directly in my way. No time to react. Breaking would be useless.

Bah of bahness

I fell down. Then I tried to push my scooter up, unsucessfully. I think I was in a daze and shock.

I heard someone chiding the driver. “Why did you do that!” “Sorry, blind spot” “You cannot say blind spot! Miss are you okay?”

I mumbled a “I’m fine. I’m fine. I’m fine

How can you say you are fine? Here is my contact. I saw the whole thing. I will be a witness

Anyway, to put a long story short, I’m not going to make a police report and charge him in court. But I’m definitely going to make him pay for my medical and full repairs to my scooter.

My baby is sick again :`(

Broken exhaust cover, deep scratches of body and box. The m in the granturismo is gone. The crome line near the footrest damaged.

Two weeks without my ride. This is agony.

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  1. Hani

    Thanks for the link. I’ll think about it, looks interesting :]


    Wouldnt want to miss it, its on the 22nd march right?


    Yeah they are! Even on the expressway, I noticed that about 95% of cabs are the ones who like to cut in in a split second, never even signalling that they want to change lane. Its really bad. Motorcyclists are the first in the line of fire.


    Yeah I’m fine now, thanks for asking :] But I was definitely under shock yesterday. And these bruises arent fun. Bah. But I think my heart ache the most to see that my baby scooter is sick again. I feel like a bad mother.

    By the way, how come your comments are always in my spam box? I think it could be your email.


    I’m glad that I’m left with bruises (and a heart broken) Someone is looking out for me up there. I”m so glad that I’m not dead.

  2. eh, thank god u’re alright babe! πŸ™‚ damn those stupid drivers, being a menace on the road. take care on the roads k? pple are getting crazier on the road these days…

  3. Myztika

    People are getting crazier not only on the roads πŸ˜›

    Gypsy Girl

    Yes, I’m glad that I’m fine. Its just that my baby needs to be hospitalized again. Its saddening.


    Driver said he didnt see me *shrugs* I guess if I’m fated to be knocked down, all the powers in the world cant stop it happening. Thanks for the care :]

  4. Hey, take it easy. Hope you’re ok – that’s the main thing huh…

    Don’t worry about the bike, it’ll get fixed. Cheer up!

  5. Glad to hear that you’re fine. Yea, I was involved in an accident too though I wasn’t the driver and yea some drivers are just terrible. Like my friend, I can sympathise with you about your “dear baby”, be sure to make that inconsiderate driver pay!

  6. Glad U made it alive.
    I learnt something back in BBDC which I must pass to you:

    A senior instructor said that as a rider, we are the most vunerable to everyone, and all the hazards, and in contrast, that our Malaysian friends can ride like hell and have nothing happen to them except, maybe death is a feat compared to our 1 million odd licensed riders on the island.

    He also added that “A rider will ONLY BE CLASSED as LESEN PASSED (passed his licensed fully) when he kissed the tarmac. Which only then the rider will learn his lesson and be more weiry of the road situation”

    Hope U get well quick, and honestly, if it’s not others fault, it’s eventually of your own. I had so far a lot of incidents, and one very bad. Can’t walk for weeks but I still ride. Never repaired the damage, cos …well…it’s a scooter! Common to happen cos of the small tyres!

    And….one tip : Don’t ride too close to the pavement, and stay far far away from Taxi Drivers and their passengers.

    Lots of Luck

    Azrin @

  7. And forgot to say something, I was Banned for Life from Riding on the island, and I curi-curi ride while I was on reservist. One fine day….coming out of Safti thru NTU, I some what wheelied…and skidded and fell, badly, right smack infront of Pusara Aman.

    From then on, I swore not to ride again (in SG), till now.

    Best Wishes


    PPS:Just a word of advise, change to another motorbike cos a bike is considered SUEY once it had an accident. It will happen time and again till someone died. An old rider’s tale which I tend to stick by. Thus why I am banned. (figure yrself)

  8. Nana Jr

    He has written a statement. I have his vehicle number, his IC number and his telephone number and possibly go to court as I have a witness to testify the entire situation should he not fulfill my request


    You had an accident? When? How come? Are you alright?


    Thanks for dropping by my blog :] I think I remember that saying. Dont remember if it was an instructor or a friend who said that though.

    I think that is very haunting to have an accident right next to the cemetery. Its like a sign 😐 Wah, I think if that happens to me, I dont think I’d be riding too.

    Thanks for the advice, its not easy staying away from taxis if they would suddenly drive next to you and cut in – maybe its time to chain up the scooter and cycle to work instead πŸ˜›

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