How well do you know your online friends?

Have you ever came across a blog or a website, you read their posts for a while, and in your mind, you form an impression of them and you believe that you know them.

But I think that it isn’t easy to judge a person’s character solely from their blogs or websites.

True, that the person writes about their thoughts, their joys, their fears. But in blogs, they are what the author chooses to represent themselves. Even in personal blogs, the story might not be complete as there are some issues that might be too private.

There are some things which I know about my blog friends like :

  • I know Sha loves excercising.
  • I know Geri loves photography.
  • I know Ghostrider loves the nightlife.
  • I know Gypsygirl loves travelling.
  • I know Myztika loves being with her friends.
  • I know Shane loves the arts.

But how much do we really know each other? Do we really want to know?

I remember that, as a teen, I bonded with a lot of people when chatting on mirc. One day, we organized a get together in real life. When I went there, I was quite surprised to see there were those who seemed boisterous online, who turned out to be actually shy in real life, and those whom you thought were quiet online turned out to be quite charming in real life.

I think the lesson learnt is to keep an open mind.

And yet, at the same time, we still have real feelings for what we see online.

I remember that when Dynatec passed his examinations, I was genuinely happy for him. And when I heard that Glonan passed away due to her illness, I felt that I’ve lost a dear friend, even if I have never met her in real life before.

How can it be, that we can be so connected, and yet be so disconnected at the same time?

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  1. yah i totally agree rinaz – it’s quite hard to define someone solely on their blog personality. since my blogroll is rather special in the sense that i actually know all of them personally (actually, it’s only you i haven’t met! when shall we have that karaoke session? hehe), i must say that real-life personalities and blog personalities are almost always different. in some cases however, true personalities do show up in the way a blogger writes; in my case, i have been told by friends that i blog exactly the way i talk/act in real life. 😛 dunno whether that’s good or bad hahaha.

    anyway, wanna know wat my impression of you is? i think you’re smart and very creative, and also a civic-minded and caring person – these traits are evident in your posts. 🙂 so babe, go forth and strive for university – i’m sure you can do it! u’re welcome to ask me for help anytime, tho i must admit; it’s been a long while (eep!) since my alevels, hehe. but go, go! get it done soon yea? good luck!

  2. Mandom

    I know you like to eat! 😛


    Yes, I know it because you like to post pics and topics about your track life 🙂


    Yeah, tell me about it! I remember this guy in irc who had such a playboy attitude online, I’m quite surprised that he’s so different in real life.

    Its so funny when you think back about it.


    Karaoke? *perks up* We should meet up 🙂 It would be most lovely to meet you! Plus its been a while since I’ve seen karaoke music clips that totally doesnt match the songs, hahaha!

    How is it a bad thing that if you blog the way you talk in real life, it means that you are expressive and coherent 😉 I do enjoy reading your entries and I enjoy peeking into your thoughts 🙂

    Wow, thanks for the compliments *pretends to be shy and embarassed*

    You’re very very very sweet 🙂

  3. You make some great points. Our online personalities have the opportunity to be “editted”…sometimes it would be nice to be able to “edit” the persona we exhibit in real life, I guess. 🙂

  4. Jenny

    Precisely. Online, we all wear masks and only show what we want to show to others 😉

    In real life, we put an effort to mask ourselves with worldly things…

  5. I agree with you, Marina, that we should keep an open mind. The net itself is so vast and there are so many people we meet, all from different walks of life. That its only natural that we put on a mask or assume another identity but yet like you mentioned, sometimes we do develop real feelings for the people we meet online which I find it pretty amazing. Even though we don’t know the person, haven’t seen him or her we can still feel for him or her, guess the interenet draws people closer, strengthen bonds and helps develop deeper friendships that could eventually be perhaps even more long lasting as compared to that with the friends we know personally, if we continue to keep in touch with one another that is. =)

  6. Vania

    Its interesting that you mentioned that friendships on the net ‘could be even more long lasting as compared to that with the friends we know personally’

    Could it be that it is a friendship of convenience? I mean, after all, its much easier to check up on a person’s blog, rather than to call them up personally.

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