6 wierd things about me

I’m not really fond of tags. But I’m only doing this because I like you, Myztika 😛

Here are 6 wierd things about me:

1. I have an over expressive face

The many faces of marina

I don’t know if its a good thing or a bad thing that I can do that, sometimes even without realising it.

2. Sometimes when I’m stressed, I break out in a song


3. I can fall asleep anywhere.

Ok, blame it on my brother who thinks it is funny to take a pic of me sleeping

Busses, trains, cars, while talking to a friend, you name it.

4. I don’t feel comfortable if I dont have any reading material while eating

5. I buy new shoes but end up wearing the old one.

Can you believe that I've never ever worn this since buying this in May 2006?

And I end up wearing my old one till they get scruffy and unwearable and then they go to shoe heaven.

By the way, I am a shoe killer. Come on and read about it here and here

6. I can get impulsive.

I like to do things on the spur of the moment. I’ll go explore abandoned buildings if I feel like it. I’ll try new dishes just for the fun of it. Sometimes I think thats the reason why I get into trouble.

And I tag

  1. No one
  2. No one
  3. No one
  4. No one
  5. No one
  6. No one

I’m such a spoilsport. Hehehe!

11 Replies to “6 wierd things about me”

  1. I really admire your courage to share with everyone here, friends, online peeps like myself about who u truly are, to share with us the true you, not to put up an upfront. I wished I had the guts to do that, to express myself. =( Cos usually I wold not divulge much details. And no, u’re not weird, You’re simply u! =)

  2. Lakeside Girl

    I’m still convinced wierd is spelled as wierd 😛


    I share what I can share, but of course, there are some things that I find very personal which I think I wont divulge 🙂

    But I think that in blogs, and in real life, sometimes we are just a face in a sea of faces.


    Wah, I’m surprised its still alive … Mine wouldnt last that long 😛

  3. heehee… what to do? pple tag me, i tag other pple. u know, spread the misery ard. 🙂

    haha thanks anyway babe. 🙂 and yeah, i’m a shoe killer as well. most of my shoes don’t last beyond err, 1 mth. 😛

  4. Sha

    Thanks 🙂 It looks very simple but when I wore it, wow, instantly my feet looked like a goddess feet. I think I was very lucky to have spotted this pair.

    And the dress? Um … what dress? No one will notice the dress when they see this pair of sweets man!


    One month? Pwah … It must be ‘Buy And Throw Away’ brand right? 😛

  5. You forgot to write about the 7th thing:
    Even after being told, seeing vocabularies, knowing how it comes from old english “wyrd” (fate, destiny), knowing how the word got its modern meaning from Shakespeare’s Machbeth where it’s used in the three witches description, knowing about WEIRD Al Yankovic, etc, you still think that the correct spelling is WIERD!!

    But i love you for this too 😛

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