Tomb Raider celebrates its 10th anniversary!

Sara, Njer, Me and Cart says hello!!!

This is a picture of Saravanan, Njer, Cart and me chilling out at our Secondlife house in Arcata. Prior to that, there was a Secondlife Singapore meet, where Vantan has wonderfully narrated.

It was really lovely – with us relaxed, chatting, getting to know each other. A pleasant surprise for me to actually hear conversations punctuated with our Singaporean colloquialisms after hearing virtually none for years.

Secondlife is such a facinating place.

Reflecting back, I think I’ve been fascinated in 3D environments even before the days of Secondlife, There, Activeworlds, Cybertown, and the other 3D communities that we have now.

Meet the original Lara Croft from Tomb Raider:

Angelina Smangelina

The first time I downloaded the demo from Gamecenter (a popular Cnet affiliate during its heydays) and played it, I was completely enthralled.

Although I had to fight against wild beasts in the caves of Qualopec, I had joy exploring every nook and crannies looking for hidden secrets and clues. Though the quality of the graphics weren’t comparable to what we have now, I completely enjoyed looking at the different sceneries. Mentally I pieced the route that I’ve been into a map.

Countless nights I’ve spent in the games. Looking at this clip below brings many memories

It’s hard to imagine that Tomb Raider is having its 10th anniversary already. It seems not too long ago that it was 1997 and I was back in school, stayed up nights playing and being zombified in class the next day.

Time flies by too quickly.

Hmm … I wonder if someone would be crazy enough to make a Tomb Raider sim in Secondlife.

Must see – One of the best Tomb Raider fan vids I’ve seen in youtube

5 Replies to “Tomb Raider celebrates its 10th anniversary!”

  1. Shite! You really know how to make people remember how old they are….
    I remember discussing Tomb Raider with you in class and exchanging pointers or walkthrus. The only time in class when we’ll both be awake! Muahahaha! Oh my god… has it really been ten years already? Where did all the time go? I’m too young to be old!!! I want to go back in time! I wanna make Lara Do a swan dive and break her neck again and again!!!!


  2. Catsuit and Ponytail

    Hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog 🙂 Tomb Raider is one of the best games out there, isnt it? I’m not even much of a gaming person even.


    Its been a while, how are you? Old? 1997 seems like just a couple of years ago, not a decade. Time really passes by so quickly.

    I brought the cd to one of the computer labs and we played after the IT enrichment lessons. Remember how Melvin kept making Lara jump backwards to see Lara’s butt? Sheesh!

    But yes, I want to go back in time too, or at least have one of those interactive immersive environment machines like in Minority Report. That’ll be really neat. Web 4.0 even!

    Speaking of swan dive and breaking necks … think you’d enjoy watching The many deaths of Lara Croft on youtube Though personally, I feel really bad for each time she expires.

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