Some thoughts about the metaverse

Last thursday, I attended the E27 unconference to hear about the Virtual worlds and Metaverse discussion. Here are some of my thoughts.

Click here to view on youtube and click here to view the actual discussion.

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  1. OMG, this rawks! Wish you spoke up at the event so those everyone would have gotten a better idea. The problem is that people are mostly interested in making a quick buck of virtual economies, which is pretty disgusting since they don’t really bother about the intricacies about metaverses like Second Life. 😛

  2. Hi Rinaz! Thanks for sharing this. I totally agree with you, in fact you probably have more experience living in the virtual world than the people who spoke about it at E27. You should be the one sharing about virtual worlds instead of the 3 of them. =P Thanks for presenting the truths!

  3. Kevin

    Wow thanks! I think the problem is that many of the people there at the unconference arent metaverse residents themselves, thus the high amount of scepticism. Which was extremely strange for me because I’ve always had the impression that these same people would be more open to different ideas.

    I agree, that there are an amount of people who join metaverse solely for commercial purposes. But then again, with the demographics at the E27, mostly with entrepreneurism in mind, maybe had a more select type of people rather than diversity.

    Have you heard of the news that Linden Labs coming to singapore in March, kevin? If there is a barcamp going on there, I’m most definitely looking forward to go 🙂
    (Just as long as it isnt held during office hours)


    To be honest, I have no idea who Aileen, Douglas and Leonard are. In most of the discussion wasnt anything new. But I do find some of what Douglas said was interesting.

    As in the universal translating software for metaverse. And also in the part when he mentioned that the level of interaction of metaverse is richer than other medium that we have. I can hug my friends in the metaverse and explore and discover (virtual) places together. I think it brings a level of closeness, even if one is not physically there due to maybe economic reasons or so. One cant do that with video phones.


    I think the problem is that people in general has a level of expectation for different technology. They go in expect this and that and seeing that it isnt quite up to what they envisioned it to be, turn out to be sceptical.

    I dont go to metaverse with the intention to build a commerce about it. I go to diference metaverses like Secondlife, There, Cybertown, Activeworlds, Worlds just to have fun, explore, make friends and at the same time learn new things like building and design.

    Metaverse is another alternative mode of communication. It is what one make it to be.


    Um … I very shy.

  4. i’m such a noob at virtual world, 2ndlife, etc … took me awhile to grasp your video understanding.

    i think its the future however … alot of potential

    good video in discussion

    why got this certain background sounds in ur vid … sounds like aquarium pump

  5. Sha

    The metaverse does have alot of potential, unfortunately I think many people just mainly see it more for the commerce side rather than to actually see the social and educational values of it.

    I think the reason why there is a lot of background sound is because it was chinese new year and there is a lion dance troup performance going on. Plus my dad was fixing the bathroom, could be the reason for the aquarium pump sound too 😛

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