The days my dearest visited part 3

Thursday, on this day, we visited Chinatown and saw the sights that there was there. It was still raining, can you imagine that?

We took in the colour and the sights. I saw many clothes shops as well as antique shops and trinket shops. Cartcart seemed particularly interested in a mask shop.

Cart: My sister collects masks, I think she’d like one of the masks here

I looked at the rows and rows of elaborate wooden, I admired the craftmanship and design. Cart asks if there were any Malay masks being song there but I couldnt tell – I’ve never seen a malay mask before.

We walked along the rows of shops till we reached the sri mariamam temple.

We heard music being played inside and I asked cart if he wanted to take a look inside.

Cart: No, I dont think I want to.

Me: Ok

We walked back to the train station and cart pauses for a while

Cart: But I’m being silly right? I’ve travelled halfway round the world and I’m saying no to seeing a temple?

Hema, a close friend of mine was free on that night and decided to have dinner with us at Little India. We were supposed to meet by Tekka but I couldnt seem to find her.

Me : (handphone) Where are you Hema? I cant see you?

Hema : I’m right here, by the bus stop, dont you see me?

Me: Where? Where?

Hema: Here! Here! I’m waving my hands and jumping up and down!

Me: I dont see you!

Cart: There she is (points)

Me: Oh!

We had dinner at Komala Villas, an Indian fast food restaurant that Hema recommended. We walked fast to avoid the drizzle of the rain and after many turns along the roads, we reached a nondescript area. The place seemed so ordinary but since Hema recommended it, we were game to give it a try.

Cart got a meal with some biryani rice, puri, different type of gravies, papodam and yoghurt while I had some naan bread while hema had thosai.

Me and Hema looked at Cartcart eating.

Hema: Do you know how to use your fingers to eat, cart? You curve your fingers like this, and pluck the bread, bit by bit and scoop it in your mouth

Cart: Like this?

Hema and me: Yes! Very good!

The food was actually pretty good here and I thoroughtly enjoyed my naan bread and the gravies. Cartcart seemed to like his food too.

Cart: Mmmm! How come we dont have things like these back home? This place would be so popular back, since its fast food, it would be good during lunch time. I like the food! I like everything!

I smiled at Cart and Hema and enjoyed their company and wished for the pleasant night to never end.

(To be continued)

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  1. Hey!! It was raining and I was wearing shoes and SOCKS, when you asked me about seeing the temple!!

    I could say something about what happened a few days after, but i don’t want to spoil your tale 😛

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