The days my dearest visited finale

“Hey you! Yes you lurking there! Its National de-lurking week. That means you MUST post a message and say hi! 🙂 “

Saturday, I wanted to show cartcart the science center . Being the science and maths enthusiast that he was, I was sure that he’d enjoy it. We strolled to Jurong East, had a late lunch at my favourite Vegetarian stall and marvelled at how closely it tasted like actual meat.

Then we stopped by a local supermarket where Cart had the time of his life comparing as well as learning about local foodstuff.

He poured over the curry spices, the dried herbs, the noodles, basically things that Singaporeans use to cook on a day to day basis.

He was most excited.

Cartcart even quipped that he found this experience as enjoyable as our trip to the underwater world.

Look! A genuine Italian brand!

We took our time and when we finally reached the Science Center, I looked quizzedly at the ticket booth which had no one manning it. Then I realised that we went there 5 minutes too late to last entry! Even shows at the Omnimax theater till 9 pm were fully sold out.

That’ll teach me to be so ill prepared. We walked out dejectedly past children who were laughing happily in the water pool which was side by side to the pathway.

But the day was still young! We were at Jurong East! I hang out here a lot. And what better way to spend it by watching a movie together with your partner 🙂

The show that I was interested in watching was Night at the Museum, but it started much too late and the only show that was remotely watchable was Charlottes Web . I guess that would have to do. *chuckles*

The movie was pretty okay. Even with the many many changes from the original book, I think I got teary eyed when Charlotte died.

It’s a good thing that the arm rests in the movie theatre were movable and we were able to cuddle 🙂

On our bus journey back, we passed by Pasta Fresca and after hearing its jingle being played regularly on 938 live, I thought it would be nice to have dinner there.

A slightly bitter, fizzy drink that is well known in Italy

The decor looked nice enough. Cartcart mentioned at how authentic the place was decorated and even noticed that the type of fabric the curtains made were the actual type of fabric used in Italy.

Cartcart ordered arrabbiata, just to compare how it tastes to the pasta we had yesterday.

So cartcart, how much does this one rate?


Wow, a whole point compared to yesterday 😛

Yes, now I can safely say that this is the best pasta I’ve eaten in Singapore 😛

Heaps of cars lining up next to the mosque

Sunday, Hari Raya Haji.

Mum had just completed sewing Cartcart’s baju kurong the day before. She seemed unconfident that the outfit would fit him well because of some of the pertinent additional measurements that I didn’t take.

But when Cartcart put it on, it fitted him perfectly. When he came out to show me, I was floored at how stunningly handsome he looked in the green baju kurong. So handsome that I forgot to take a picture of him wearing it.

My Mum and dad gave him generous compliments at how good he looked. Cartcart was putting on the capal, the Malay sandals that we bought during our trip to geylang. He really looked so elegant. Mum thought that if he wore the samping (waist cloth) and songkok (hat) it would be more complete.

But cartcart seemed to be doubtful. “It has long sleeves!” He whispered to me. “I might perspire badly in this

However, during the entire journey to my grandmother’s house, cartcart didn’t break a sweat due to the cooler December weather and the air conditioned train coach.

When we reached the doorstep, in my mind, I was wondering and hoping that everything would go al-right.

My aunts were there and the first to greet us, then my uncles, and then my cousins. We talked, and then had lunch together and just chilled. I see one of my cousin, Eusoff, deep in conversation with cartcart while the rest of the clan seemed transfixed in a Malay soap opera that was premièring.

It was pretty relaxing.

But I got nervous again when grandmother came out of the room, gave that slow and knowing smile of hers and asked me that question that grandmothers always asks.

So when are you going to get married?

Uh … Um …

When you go out with him, don’t hold his hands.

Oh …

But all in all, everything seemed okay. My worries about a drama happening was for naught. I feel quite relieved that everyone seemed pretty cool with it.

The same evening, we had new years eve dinner together at the community centre. Mum suggested that cart and I go to have a local national feel. But I think it was kind of a bad idea.

The entire concert was like a hungry ghost festival concert with music blaring at a million decibels and the singers wearing clothes that is so shiny that it will leave you momentarily blind. It was pure torture. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. But cartcart had the patience of a saint and thought it would be better to wait till the dinner course ended.

By then it was too late to take public transportation. I asked cartcart if he was game enough to ride on the scooter with me. He was! And he managed to squeeze in one of my helmets and off we went and we managed to reach the bed and breakfast in time to see the fireworks from the new year countdown from the city skyline.

Monday, New Year’s day

Today is the last day that cartcart will be staying here. I really think that a week is just not enough to spend here … I haven’t shown him everything that I wanted to show him …

Juli was free to have lunch with us today. Cartcart and I took the scooter to vivo city, where the parking area was so large, that it was so easy to get lost in there.

We went to a cafe which I thought it would be good, but turned out that the food there was below par.

Coffee with a piece of pen?

I wasn’t enjoying my fig and apricot sandwich. I have no idea what cartcart was eating. And Juli wasn’t thrilled with her fish dish either.

But it was a pretty casual affair, the three of us talking together. There is few things as satisfying as talking to friends

After we said our goodbyes to Juli, we had to rush to Chinatown to buy presents and souvenirs for his family. We only had about less than two hours before needing to reach back to my place to say his goodbyes to my family.

Cartcart bought a mask for his sister, and a lovely Chinese tea pot set for his mom and dad. We reached the temple again. And this time, Cartcart decided to enter and see the interior of the temple and witness purification a ceremony where the priest was at the altar, washing a large utensil. It was too far for me to see as non Hindus were not permitted into the holy area.

When we reached home, mum asked us to have dinner together, “I promised to make you Nasi Lemak!” We sat down together, where our family had our last meal together with cartcart.

As I walked out of the kitchen to clear the plates, I overheard mum talking to cartcart, “She’s a good daughter. I hope you will take care of her. Will you take care of her?” “I hope to do that

I went deep in my thoughts …

At the airport terminal, even with mum, sis, aunt and my cousins there, I still couldn’t control my sadness and the tears began to roll down. One week just isn’t enough. “Why cant I spend all days with you?” I looked in cartcart’s face as he gave me a hug before reluctantly leaving for his flight.

Sometimes I feel like this is all a dream. That we are all asleep and then we wake up to our reality.

In all honestly I don’t know how long I can take this. Such happiness when we are together, and then heartbreak when having to part.

Why cant I spend all my days with him? That would be such a beautiful. He is kind, gentle, romantic, patient, wise and the sweetest person I want to spend the rest of my days with you.

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  1. I am impressed that cart has met so many of your extended family! my husband has not meet most of my cousins, aunts, uncles. . . and how could you have forgotten (???) to take a pic of cart in the baju kurong ???

  2. I am so glad to hear that he got on very well with your family and that your worst fears didn’t take place .. 🙂

    Things will work out for you, I am sure – one just needs a little faith and patience.

  3. wow. i can feel your happiness and the love the two of u share just by reading the first few posts!!

    im also amazed at the places you’ve brought cartcart to! u r a true ambassador!!!


  4. Hiya clare 🙂

    Cartcart didnt meet all of the family, just part of the relatives on my mother’s side. Even then, not everyone was there. It’ll be a very crowded house if everyone were there at the same time 🙂

    Are there plans for trond to be meeting your extended family?

    And yes, I did forget to take a picture of cartcart wearing the baju kurong! Really wasted right!!!

    Nevermind, there’s always a next time 🙂

    Hiya cuclainne 🙂

    I do hope that it all works out in the end. Sometimes it can be so daunting though, I think, with all the different factors being mixed in. I still have faith though :]

    However did you manage?

    Wow, a celeb is in my blog!

    *hyperventillates and fans self*

    Hiya mia 🙂

    Good thing that cartcart is very open in trying alot of things like public transportation, visiting different cultural places, eating local food – he even tried a durian puff and a durian cake (though he finds the taste funny)

    I wished we spent more time together and I wished that it didnt rain so much, I would have loved to bring him to a whole lot more places 🙂

  5. it was difficult – being away from someone you love for months at a stretch. It doesn’t help when you see other couples doing couple things and thinking, hmm why aren’t i that lucky? but things have a way of working out if they are meant to be.

    it’s not easy now either – getting two totally different cultures and backgrounds to compromise on even the simplest of things takes some effort and understanding .. sometimes it’s just getting to see someone else’s point of view and meeting them half-way.

    who knows .. maybe not long from now, you will invite us to makan nasi minyak .. 🙂

  6. Nasi Minyak? I’m looking forward to that too 😛 Hehehehe

    But yes, thinking about it, the culture here and the culture there is very very different. Sometimes I think about what it will be like if I were to live there – I think it will be challenging for me to preserve malay culture and tradition, I think …

    But like you said, if its meant to be, things will have a way of working out 🙂

    Hey cuclainne, guess what? A malay singaporean with a foreign partner stumbled into this blog! Check this out 🙂

  7. Signorina Marina, understood perfectly hw u felt at de terminal. I felt the same way when Fortunato sent me back to my hotel and I chased after him while it started to drizzle….hahahha so hindustan..sighh..why is Italy far away rite? anyway, are you goin back in June?

  8. Signorina Narima,

    He sent you back and then you chased after him in the rain? Wow, really hindustan movie. I know the feeling, why does Italy have to be so far away 🙁 God willing, I’ll be back in june. I’m not so sure, but I do hope so.

  9. Hi,
    I stumbled upon your blog and as it was very long, I just skimmed it. I understand how you felt. That was me 25 or 26 yrs ago. We got married after a year of long distance courtship. Getting married was the best decision we ever made. I hope he wants to convert bec he agrees with the tenets of Islam and not just to marry you. InsyaAllah you will marry him.

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