Argh! Cart’s stuck at the airport!

My dearest wont be landing in Singapore today. He’s currently stranded in London, Heathrow airport where I see news of fog and freezing conditions.

Poor cartcart 🙁

Times online
BBC News

Update: The good news is that cartcart is already booked for the next flight and is now travelling via business class! Awesome 🙂

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  1. Yeah, well, even if you miss him, he’ll still be coming tomorrow – and that means a whole night for you to plan what to wear and whatever for you to look your best for him!

    It also means that you will have a whole midnight to morning to sleep and get your beauty sleep and dream of him. Dreaming’s better than the real thing to me, actually. Dream of things that won’t ever come to life, the more you dream, the more it might come to be reality!

    P.s. I’m not sure about the dreaming part. Xiaoxin in ‘Holland Village’ from the old Ch. 8 show said that the more you dream, the further it’ll be from reality. So. Not sure lar, just dream of him one hour and the next hour don’t can lar, right?

  2. oh my….

    but it does create more anticipation and eagernesss : )

    which airline is he taking? and BC?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Nana,

    Err … okay … I think someone needs to go to bed 😛


    More anticipation and eagerness? Yes 🙂 But it also means that I will be spending less time with him …

    He’s taking British Airways and Business Class too, to acomodate him for the inconvenience, cool yeah? Quite gracious of them.


    Let the lurve shine through! 🙂

  4. That’s the thing abt flying…when they pissed u off, they’ll need to accomodate u. Uh…I remembered when I delayed a plane from taking off for like 2hrs in Dubai bcos they didn’t have a seat for me. I did dat happen?? Well…like a true S’porean…I put my foot down and demanded that I don’t care what happens but the plane better be having me inside when it takes off..LOL! Got 1st class too*

  5. Red,

    Wow, first class! Which airline was that? Qatar?


    Yes, its so much easier to use that script compared to the original way that I used. Ack! The programmer said to use the script as soon as possible though, as the layout for blogger might change again since they have removed the beta out of beta version.

    Yes nana 🙂

    Mandom, selamat hari raya haji to you too! Touched down? Where are you? Where did you go?

  6. Yes, you should’ve! >;l

    But whatever. It was in the past and now he’s here! YOO!!


    He brought chocolates!


  7. Narima,

    Qatar? If I’m not wrong, that was the cheapest deal I could find at the natas fair last year. But I’m not so keen as I couldnt really choose the dates I want to go, so I used klm instead. Cartcart said that there was a direct flight but that was by using an agent.


    And you guys never left me some! >:(

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