2 weddings and a scooter funeral

Today must be an auspicious date for the Indians, I see many weddings going on. I even got invited by two friends.

I was supposed to meet Narima and go together with her on my scooter. It was more convenient for me as it would be easier for me to survey hotels later on my scooter.

But because of yesterday’s incident with the IU, I decided to bring it to the mechanic for a quick check. It couldnt have been damaged from the accident on tuesday. The wires must have been accidentally dismantled.

But after a check with the mechanic, the IU is actually damaged. And since the LTA offices doesnt open on saturday, I can only get a replacement on monday. I’d might as well leave the scooter in the workshop so that they can fix the dent on the side of the scooter at the same time.

Narima and I went to Junaidah’s wedding at Masjid Bencoolen. Junaidah was an ex colleague from West Spring and I saw many of my ex colleagues.

This was the first time I attended an indian-muslim style wedding. There was a dais where the couples would sit and pose while there were seats where the guests could sit to watch while the ceremony proceeded.

After the well wishes, Narima and I parted ways, and I really felt the pangs of missing my scooter. It would have taken me only 5 minutes to ride to the nearest train station, instead, I took 20 minutes to walk.

The MRT! All the memories flooding over as I stood precariously by the grip pole as humans came rushing in the cabin. How can I stand this for the next two weeks?

I brought mum and my sis to go to Hema’s wedding, which was held at night. Hers was a traditional Hindu wedding. With a priest chanting in sanskrit to bless the couple.

Mum seemed extremely keen on watching the ceremony. She went all the way in front of the stage and stood there for the entire hour or so. As she watched Hema going around the fire, exchanging garlands with her husband, and washing her parents feet.

The best of wishes to both of the happy couple 🙂 Hema and Chan, Junaidah and Anwar Ali 🙂

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