Winning on the radio!

I was listening to 938live, the radio channel that I usually tune to in the mornings. Every hour, they had this segment called the mindbreaker, where they ask several general questions like:

What are 90 percent of motorist’s pet peeve? (Answer: tailgating)

What is the thing that you can do in 1 second that will instantly make you feel refreshed? (Answer : yawn)

What is the answer to life, the universe and everything? (Answer: 42)

Listeners can call in to make their guesses. If they got it right, they will win something nice. One of the memorable prizes was a basket full of premium chocolate.

After hearing the question from the previous hour,

Who was the person being tributed by the song “I’ll be missing you” sung by Puff Daddy.

And then hearing people answering, “Elvis Presly, Princess Diana, John Lennon” I just knew I had to make the call. The answer isnt that difficult.

So I quickly dialled the number and after a while I managed to get through! It was strange hearing the radio on the phone, it sounded softer than your usual phone calls. Plus I could hear the other callers on the phone too, making it a little confusing.

I heard the host, Michelle Martin, directing the question again. I paused for a second as I wasnt sure who she was asking to then I thought, what the heck, I’d just blurt out the answer.

“Notorious B.I.G!”

And then I heard the congratulatory sound effects complete with all the cheering! I won!

Oh my! I’m so excited!

I’m not too sure what I won. Something about a pair of tickets costing $300 dollars each, to a seminar about parenting. Hehe … I’ll be passing those to my folks! 🙂

How fun! I even tried to record the radio conversation but when I played back the recording, there was only static. Turns out I recorded the the wrong channel in my haste to call the radio.


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  1. Congrats!

    Reminded me of my own radio winning from 987FM. The prize was this soundtrack from Spiderman 2 which I wanted so much. All I had to do was be the fastest person to sms a tricky sentence. I won it. But it never reached my doorstep. Coz I gave them the wrong block no. 241A instead of 271A. -_-

  2. Oh no! Poor miza! I bet that you accidentally gave the wrong info after all the excitement. I can get blur too at the times when I least expect something to happen.

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