Lady, who are you?

The lady in the picture used to be a Malaysian. She’s married, a convert and currently staying in the United States.

Looking at her for the first time, I could not guess that she is malay, with her brown hair and the brown eyes, the pointy chin and the sharp nose.

Is she so ashamed of her heritage that she had to change so much features about her?

No doubt, there is nothing wrong with enhancing the face but to reconstruct the entire face is extreme.

And secondly, I’m not all that concerned about her converting but to condemn a religion is another thing altogether.

She blames it on her alcoholic father.

But doesnt God teaches us patience and resilience? We do not blame God for the bad situation that we are in. We rise up and be stronger to face the adversities.

She just … makes me feel sad inside.

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  1. She herself is a sad case. Bitter woman who puts her blame for her bad childhood in the wrong place. There’s not much difference between her old religion and her new one now. The teachings are very much the same, imo, just a difference in the level of strictness and leniency.. aside from the trinity deal etc.

    Misunderstood and too far gone..

  2. raimie : Her name is Hasnah Burdges and she was from Kansas State University.

    Did you know that Hasnah means beautiful in arabic?

    Miza : Do people burn a person because that person is feeling cold? She’s misplacing her anger on the wrong thing.

    But what can be done … like you said, she’s gone.

    I mean, everyone has their own freedom of choice but to condemn it is just unjustified.

  3. She is a failure, she fail to realise that if god begot son than that god is same like her, a mere human. God can’t have human character to be the most almighty and powerful.

  4. I listened to her speech audio and it is sad.

    She (Hasnah Burdges) said that when she was a child life was very hard due to her father being alcoholic. She saw no glimmer of hope and even screamed to the sky asking God’s help.

    She then focused on her studies and she’s off to the States.

    There she said is where she found the love of God (Jesus???).

    How can she be so misguided?

    God did answer her cry! that’s how she get’s to be in the US in the first place. So that she could change her life and save the life of her mother and all her other siblings, so that she graduated, get a nice job and be free from poverty.

    but what did she do? she thanked Jesus instead.

    The true God, Allah, helped her yet she gives credit to a false one.

    “Deaf, dumb and blind, they will not return (to the path)”

    on her suffering and also all of our suffering in this world this what Quran says
    “On no Soul does God place a burden greater than it can bear”

  5. with her pointy nose and large pointy chin she looks British, I still can’t believe she is malay just by looking at the profile, I’d have to see her up close I guess.

  6. Why should anyone be sad for her? she is happy, she doesn’t murder anyone nor curse, nor force anyone to convert to her belief. she is one of the many former muslim who have been saved by the grace of the good Lord…nothing you can say or do to convince her and others like to to revert to the so called “religion of peace”.

  7. Yes indeed! I am content and happy and without a doubt made the right decision. It has been very interesting to read about the comments and judgements made about me with the minuscule amount of information gathered from an 11 minute testimony???

    It is human nature after all to judge first and seek to understand later…

    My challenge to you all is this…refute the evidence that Jesus is God and then we can discuss like reasonable mature adults and instead of hiding behind a blog. Blessings to all.


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