Innovation Nation 2006

On the 13th October, the IT Club members, the teachers from the school that I was working at and me visited the Singapore Expo to view the Innovation Nation Exhibition. It showcased technology from 25 years ago till the present and what we could expect in the future.

It was a very interesting exhibition. But pity that we only had an hour to spend there. I would have liked to see the exhibition at a leisurely manner 🙂

4 Replies to “Innovation Nation 2006”

  1. Hiya gypsy girl 🙂

    I heard that it will be shifted to the Singapore Science Center. Thats near where I am! 😀 Hopefully it’ll still be around in December! 🙂

    Will you be here in december? 😉

  2. Oh you know what, I used to go to Singapore every 8 months or so(when I used to work for an airline!), but all this travelling this year paying normal rates I really don’t know.

    Plus we’re expecting visitors in December. Would’ve been a fab thing to go to tho if I was there in Dec. Bummer 🙁

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