For about a week in the office, we could hear the sound of a kitten mewing. It sounded like it came from the false ceiling.

Everyone was puzzled. How could the animal climb all the way up there? And how was it able to survive all the while without any food?

Yesterday, Ah Soon, one of the caretakers of the school took a ladder and climbed up to investigate. After a length of time, he didnt find anything and had to stop.

Ah Soon tried again today and he finally caught the little minx.

Isnt it adorable?

Of course it being unaccustomed to humans, it was a little wild. It bit Ah Soon’s hand while he tried to hold it, and it wont stop hissing, so he had to put it in a little cage for a while.

We didnt mistreat it, we swear!

Poor little fluffball. It was shivering and looked most miserable. I asked Ah Soon if I could have it for a little while.

I took the kitten outside of the office where there is no air conditioning. And I had a good look. It was a fuzzy tri coloured cat with lovely grey eyes.

As a kid, I’ve kept alot of cats as pets. Through experience, one of the ways to comfort them is to hold it and stroke it.

I decided risk having my hands clawed and gently held the kitten by the back of the neck then cradled and stroked it.

Amazingly she quietened down. She seemed a little puzzled at her surroundings but she didnt make a fuss.

Ah Soon noticed

Ah Soon : Want to keep it? I’ll get a box

Me : I cant! All my siblings has athma

Ah Soon : Aiyah, I’ll get a box and poke holes in it, you keep it ah!

Me : Cannot! (frowns as I do want the kitten)

Ah Soon : Keep lah! If not I’ll have to release it somewhere else.

Me : (panics and sees a student) Eh boy! Do you want this kitten?

Student : Oh yes! I love cats!

Me : Do you promise to take good care of it?

Student : I do! I do!

Lucky boy. Now he has a lovely kitten. I do hope that she’s in good hands.

I do believe that pets are good for the human soul. Caring for another living thing brings about compassion, love, care, responsibility and many other good qualities.

Its even possible to rehabilitate a person with a pet.

And why not? If a delinquent wont hear another persons advice, maybe an animal could allow them to open up.

I’ve always observed at how in general, people shy and rambuctious both alike, would turn into mush when encountering animals. Thats the healing power that these creatures have.

Its one of the rare connections that we have left, in a vastly disconnected world that we live in.

7 Replies to “Catastrophe!”

  1. Good on you for rehoming the kitten! You’re right, pets have an extremely therapeutic effect on humans and tend to bring out the best out of the nurturers in us. Unfortunately though, there are also a lot of abused and abandoned pets out there. πŸ™

  2. Those eyes.. They’re so pretty, I’ve never seen them on a tri-coloured cat before.. And it’s so small..

    I think some student (or teacher!) have been up to some cruel mischief coz there is absolutely no way that little precious could get up there. Grr.

    He/she looked so scared in those pictures.. =(

  3. gypsy girl, yeah there are animal abusers out there. I’m wondering as to how could they be so cruel as to inflict pain on an innocent creature. πŸ™

    Perhaps they are unfortunate beings with mental deficiencies.

    Miza, pretty eyes isnt it? Everyone was so entranced by it. I really dont think it was done by a teacher or student. Its really humanly impossible for a single person to climb there and physically dump a kitten in.

    I think the mother entered there, but goodness knows how!

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