The only thing that’s real is food

Lonelygirl15 isnt real, Emily isnt real … Julie isnt real … Who knows whats genuine on the net anymore. Regardless, they all made entertaining viewing.

The thing is, that the lines between reality and fiction now being blurred with companies using personal mediums such as blogs, myspace and youtube to bring their conception to life.

Sometimes its easy to spot out some of the idiosyncracies but in time its possible to have a work of fiction that seems to be so realistic that everyone would be confounded.

Maybe *I* might turn out to be a marketing concept too. Its possible right? 😉

In other news …

Anyone interested to go to the Cafe Vienna with me? 🙂

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  1. any chance the new restaurant would be more or less similar to cafe vienna? love the food there by the way. better than Hyatt’s straits kitchen, imo.

    I’d be more interested if I’ve got spare cash to spend. Darn that SAICSA course, and the expensive sofa covers tailoring. grr.

    I don’t really find lonelygirl15 that interesting anyway. I watch at all coz she’s pretty and I like lookign at pretty things/person. =/ err, yeah.

  2. Miza : I think it will be just as nice, they are just going on renovations (I think)

    Yeah, having no money absolutely sucks. Wish there was a way that will make me rich instantly (err … in a respectful way of course)

    Lonelygirl15? I find the storyline quite intruiging. Did you know that there’s a large possibility that the storyline is going to be like a blair witch project? Its creepy when I see how it is developing.

    (Now it even needs real life interaction to continue the storyline)

    Have fun in JB miriguy! Good food .. ahh thats the life!

    Ok nana, no problem … hehehe 😀

  3. The Blair Witch Project didn’t really do it for me. I think these kind of movies are best read instead of watching. Coz they don’t reveal anything and when they do, it’s not scary at all.

    Best to leave it to imagination, eh?

    I wish there’s a summary of the development in LG15’s videos. Too long-winded la. Bah!

  4. Eh, then again, I might just bump into you at Cafe Vienna with Din this Sat(besoknye dah puase!). Maybe only. Must convince him to eat at Cafe Vienna instead of that triple cheese chicken pizza at Pizza Hut 1st..

    My motto this month: Scrimp painfully, save painfully and spend joyfully. Hahahaha!

  5. Hi Miza,

    The thing about the LG15 series is that it uncovers a new storyline (which I’m really intruiged with)

    Lonelygirl15 was speculated to be an occult worshipper, according to the evidences in her videos.

    At the same time, there is a parallel storyline, with the user ‘cassieiswatching’ showing different clues that needs to be solved with real people having to go to real location to get to the clues.

    I dont know about you, but this is terribly exciting for me. (And very mysterious, dangerous AND creepy too, at the same time though)

  6. Ooh, I’ve heard/watched on tv of this group in London who gets together, like once a week or smtg, gets briefed on a supposed crime case and given clues along the way to aid in their investigation. The organisers even get people to act as victims, witnesses and the groups conducts actual interrogation..

    Maybe Singapore should have smtg like these too. Hehe.

  7. Yes, its popular in England, I’ve seen that on a documentary before. Its interesting to have a murder mystery, but what I noticed is that since most of the guests already know that it was all play acting, it takes the mysterious element away :S

    I’m definitely hooked to this cassieiswatching thing. The wonderful forum broke tho and now I’m having withdrawal syntomps. :S

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