Jam Jam, Human Jam

There was a fireworks festival at the Esplanade yesterday. All through the area was a sea of people along the Marina Square shopping center all the way to the Esplanade by the bay.

Normally I would enjoy watching fireworks. But instead of staying for the fireworks display, me and my brother rushed and snaked through the throngs of people. We knew that there was going to be a huge jam once the display was over.

There we were, squeezing though people and rushing to find the carpark while the sky lighted up with red, green, blue and yellow flames. People screaming in delight and children jumping up and down and everyone pointing to the sky.

At last we found the carpark and in the maze of cars we finally found the scooter. we hopped on and went off.

Unfortunately for us, just when we left the carpark and on the road, that was when the fireworks display ended.

Suddenly the road was streamed full of pedestrians jaywalking and cutting across. Traffic was at a standstill. I was thoroughly annoyed

And there I was thinking, “Why on earth am I here in the city area on a saturday?”

Then I remembered, “Its because I needed to go to the library@Esplanade to borrow some literature videos. Other branches did not have them and I’m only free during the weekends”

Oh bother.

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  1. the queerchef says hi!

    just abiding to his rules. hehehe..
    it’s a good thing though coz i get to know another blogger.

    we also have an ongoing fireworks competition held in downtown vancouver. but with 400,000 and more spectators and road closures, i’d rather stay home.

  2. Evi : I know what you mean, having loads of people around you when you want to move about is frustrating and annoying. I remember going to the fireworks festival a couple of years ago with a friend. I remember what a pack it was at the trains, the roads and everywhere. But I forgot that there was a fireworks festival going on that very day …:P

    Diana : Not really, actually Vai was heavier.

    Charles : No I didnt 😛

    Raimie : Very packed! It was a nightmare! Serves me right for being so blur and not remembering that there was a fireworks display at the esplanade!

  3. Uh huh. Me and Din were there too. If you have stayed a while longer, you would have seen the terrible litters on the floor decorating the concrete grounds and grasses like a sprinkle of white chocolate rice on a muffin. Gah! And it’s a nightmare trying to get to the esplanade carpark and also to get OUT of the carpark!

    And the cars and taxi! Omg, I was so annoyed too. They cut other vehicles at the nick of the moment without any care in the world. Don’t even get me started on the crazy taxi drivers. They think they’re in a circus act! And those hooligans on bikes! OMG! And then Din suddenly turned into rebel and sped after a car annoyed him by cutting him suddenly, almost hitting us. Urgh!

    I’m going to post the pictures of that night soon. Probly tomorrow though.

    And OMG, Diana has a BLOG! This blog thing is an EVOLUTION!

  4. Miza: Like duh, I hate a blog when I was in Primary 4, but kept on changing. >.< And of course there was a lot of litter, I mean, who would actually wait a long time just to throw one itty bitty bit of thrash? I know some would, but the mass population wouldnt. I know I’m being an idiot in saying this but, Singaporeans aren’t so considerate in this kind of things. Nope, not even me. Btw, who are you anyway? My name is too beautiful for you to say. 😀

  5. Kak Mizalina or something I think. Right or wrong? If wrong, hantam me lah. ^^

    Wished there wasn’t any Madrasah on that day, turns out that more than HALF the class wasn’t there!

    *Mumbles mumbles*

  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmms at Miza and Diana …

    Hiya the unknown : Yes, super big crowds freak me out too. In this case, I didnt anticipate that much of people : What do to *shrugs*

  7. you went? gosh what time did u get there? my friend went at 6, took one look at the crowd, and then decided to go home instead. apparently, pple were already hogging the good spots as early as 3! O_o

    so i’ll just have to make do with beautiful pictures of the fireworks lah. urs is nice. u took it? XD

  8. Fireworks are great. Checked out some of your art, very nice stuff. Have you tried Cafe Press. Go to my site and click the link under visit my store. You download photos to the site and the show you what they look like on coffe mugs, tee-shirts etc.

  9. Im in love with fireworks … okay, not that sort of love, that one reserved for someone, but still, fireworks are sooo uber cute. ^^

  10. Hi Kayanon 🙂 And thanks for visiting mine! 😉

    Myztika : I didnt go there intentionally, I was there just to go to the esplanade library to borrow some dvd’s me and my brother went to Marina Square to have dinner at about 6.30(?) and the entire concrete staircase open area was filled with people.


    When we were done eating, it was completely full of bodies that we had to literally push to advance forward. Some people can be so dense actually. Blur-blur stand there and block people who wants to move.


    You’re lucky you went home 😛

    Rudster : Ehehehe … Its like sparklers on a big scale 😉

    Blage : Awwwww thanks! *hugs* I’ve tried cafe press before but I found it too limiting – I can only make one customised item. But of course that was years ago, they’ve probably changed now right?

    But actually I’m thinking of making items on my own actually without having a middle person like cafe press. 🙂

    Diana : But crowded areas makes it uncute 😛

  11. When I read your name, I was thinking of people being squished together and then the juices extracted to be put in bread and eaten.

    Haiz. Words deceive. >.<

  12. hhehe..why did you choose that day to go that library…haiz..poor you

    hahaha Marina! now that you’ve mentioned, the groom looks more like Rudie!

    rudie & me…we’re so related, sedara sepusat sepusing..hehehe

    thanks for the kinds words, the kids are really deliciously adorable!

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