Why Siti?

Siti Nurhaliza, 27, a prominent Malaysian artist is to wed businessman, Datuk Khalid Mohammad Jiwa, 47, on the 21st August 2006. Siti says that she is attracted to him because of his love towards his children.


If he truely loves his children, would he divorce his previous wife so readily and get into the new marriage just a month or two after the divorce?

8 Replies to “Why Siti?”

  1. Exactly. I posted an entry about this on my journal. I think he’s just acting just to get Siti. He don’t look or act the part of a great father/gentleman to me. Siti better see his true color before signing her life to be with the disgusting old man.

  2. Its not the age that bothers me so much as the fact that he divorced his wife and then announced the wedding in such a short time.

    It makes me doubt his sincerity.

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