What I’d like for my birthday

Uh oh. Guess whose birthday it is today 😐

There comes a point of time when you stop wanting to celebrate and hang on tenatiously to your current age.

I wonder what it will be like when I finally hit the magic 30?

— Updated —

I guess I could ask for some presents like an LCD monitor to replace my CRT one or Creative Vision M.

But at the moment, one small gift that would be greatly appreciated would be for your help in helping out for the Lebanese Cause. Any form of contribution, manpower, food supply or donation will be greatly appreciated.

18 Replies to “What I’d like for my birthday”

  1. Thanks miza! *hugs!* You’ll get your Creative Vision M! I’m sure!

    Raimie : Aik? Where were you? Yes, I was wearing green yesterday 😀 Very small world, didnt know you were a jurong person 🙂 Hehehe

  2. Raimie : Where? Where? Near Red’s place is it?

    Myztika : Wow, so many lovely people in Jurong … Jurong Rocks! We rule! Hehehehe! And thank you for the lovely wishes *hugs!* 🙂

  3. D’uh!!! It all makes sense now!!! The scooter..! Happy Birthday Rinaz!!! Well I guess…that day was an early celebration! U shud’ve told me…would’ve given u a treat!

  4. hapi bday, hope u got the prezzie u wanted, if not, well its the thought that counts. always next year 😉

    i aso wonder how it will be like turning 30? dun remind me. i got 2.5years more to go

  5. Hi Sha magical 30, yes? 😉 Hehehehe

    Thanks hanna! I like my GREEN wallet alot! Its my favourite colour, how did you know? 😀

    Hak : Pink? It will be green in time! Hehehe 😀

    Rudster : Yes, after all the scandals from charity organizations it is good to be cautios, yes?

    The unknown : Hehehe, thats the first time anyone called me ‘baby’ 😛

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