Society and its reverberations

I feel that school is one of the experiences in life when it is fun and enjoyable.

True, that it can get stressful, during examinations and tests. But in the daily life of a student, one meets their fellow friends, have laughs together, confide with each other, share and experience scenarios together.

One of my more memorable incidents would usually be revolving on schools.

I’ve come to appreciate schools and education more lately, ever since I’ve been taking up night classes. And having to struggle and juggle between work and studies.

It isnt easy.

Just the other day, one of my tutors commented that, from what he heard from the institution, the prices for night classes might increase the following year. From the current $90 per subject, the candidate would have to pay $300 instead.

Economic factors aside, there is still into consideration of the time factor, trying to manage your life between work then night classes and then between social, I dont really get to see much of my family as I wanted to as they would usually be asleep once I reach home from class and morning is a hectic period of everyone rushing to school/work.

It isnt easy. Its a struggle, yes, but its something that I’d have to go through for the next few months so that I could step up a little bit higher.

So it makes me sad to see that many of our youths today not appreciating the things that they have and them taking things for granted. Even worse, believing that they are the emperors of the world.

I was installing some softwares in the computer lab the other day, when a class of students streamed in and proceeded to make noise, chew gum, surf the net, play games, scold vulgarities, even wrestle and everything except the task that they were supposed to do.

It was only till about 15 minutes before the class ended, that they remembered what their task was and by then it would be a mess with many of them asking each clueless person on how to complete their task.

There are many wonderful and good students around.

Unfortunately there are just as many recalcitants. Just walk around any neighbourhood school and observe. You can see the types. They swagger when they walk, their coarse language, the pants which are so loose that it hangs dangerously at the edge of the hips.

It makes me wonder on how and the reasons why rebellion happens to youths.

Parents having no time for their child as they are busy working?

Too little love and attention? (or even too MUCH love and attention?)

Peer pressure?

No corporal discipline in schools?

Unaware of what independent life?

I think a large part of it lies in our own culture itself. We are already turning into an unfeeling and care-less society. And the source of that lies in the way that we are governed.

We are expected to always be the best, to have the best marks, the best food, first in line, best clothes … and this has brought this “ME first” mentality to people living here.

There’s no point in pointing the fingers to anyone now. Its already been inbued in us.

At the same time, doesnt mean that we should just give up though. We should live with honour and gentle dignity. We will have fun and cheer with grace. We will live as exemplary as possible.

But one person cant do it alone. Come on everyone … lets help each other …

Pay it forward works. But dont let the chain break

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  1. Marina, thanks for the tip on word verification. It works like magic now.

    Hey, I thought chewing gum in public is not allowed in Singapore? Or is that just another urban myth?

  2. Hanna – Yeah! And I’ve got more pics of sidi too! Wanna see???

    Sharon – Chewing gum? Yes its illegal here actually. But the rule has relaxed somewhat with nicotine gum being distributed at pharmacies. Sometimes some Singaporeans smuggle some for their own consumption, though I heard that its getting harder to get them passed through over immigration.

    Lakeside girl – Aww … *hugs* Its just how I feel, I mean, people should be nice to each other right?

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