Its hot hot hot!

Heat does crazy things to people.

Its 1.05am right now and its a really warm night and I cant sleep!

Pssst! Dont tell anyone that I really liked the Spice Girls.

Mel C looks the most scary spice in this pic

It brings out loads of memories of the yesteryears when times were more easy going and less complicated. They were one of the few groups at the time that were a whole load of fun.

Comparing that to the mostly depressing mainstream songs that we have now. Mainstream radio sing about how tough they are. Many of mainstream songs are rather vulgar.

I’m particularly annoyed by this song ‘beep’ by the pussycat dolls.

I don’t give a beep
Keep looking at my beep
‘Cause it don’t mean a thing if you’re looking at my beep
I’m a do my thing while you’re playing with your beep

Fill in the blanks yourself. Guess the real meaning of:

‘while you’re playing with your ____’

a) Uno Cards
b) Nintendo
c) Plushie
d) ????

And I’m totally annoyed by song remixes that uses samples of sped up songs. The original song now sounds as if they were sung by Alvin and the chimpmunks. (Not that I have anything against Alvin and the chipmunks)

Paul Wall ruined the beautiful ‘Oh Girl’ originally sung by the Chi Lites. Why did he do that? Why???

And dont get me started on Lonely by Akon. The chorus is sped up and made it sound like it was sung by a chipmunk –

Lonely I’m Mr Lonely
I have nobody
For my owwnnn oooooh

Argh! Whats wrong with these people? Do they really think it sounds good? My ears bleed! People should just leave beautiful songs as they are and not ruin them!

Interestingly, the Spice Girls uses materials which are original and though they can be rather rambuctious, they dont offend the masses on purpose.

The Spice Girls sing about love, empowerment and friendship.

One of my favourite songs by them was two becomes one. Even if the lyrics were rather simplistic and has nuances in it, it wasnt blatant and it was easy on the ears and the accompaniment of the background music made it soothing even.

I really cant believe that that song is almost 10 years old already. Time really flies by so quickly doesnt it? But Spice Girls really bring me back to days when it was acceptable to act silly just when you feel like it.

Yeah I miss that.

I dont listen to mainstream radio anymore by the way. Do you still listen to mainstream? Do you like the Spice Girls too?

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  1. Psst..tell u a secret..used to have spicecam hahahha..I brought it to JI just for a joke but everyone was impressed wit it.. I’ll b caught dead wit it rght now

  2. hi marina.

    i would like to know whether you find which of the exhibits are interesting and which of the exhibits are boring.

    this may give me an edge in the interview. haha


  3. Yeah, I miss them too… 2 become 1 really was a great song (still is) and who can forget their debut hit single ‘Wannabe’. I liked the MV of them in the desert but forgot what’s the song name. The MV of 2 become 1 was even better. I think things started going downhill for me when they came out with the dumb movie….

  4. Kucingkurap, whats a spicecam? Is it like a polaroid camera? Maybe that thing is worth alot of money now that its almost 10 years. Like the Macdonalds dragon toys from the 80’s. I kick myself sometimes for not keeping them. They are worth about $50 dollars each now.

    Hi Edmund, check the previous post 😉

    Band Review : You mean the Spice Girls phase or the ‘I hate remixes and vulgar songs’ phase?

    Xed : That song in the desert is called ‘Say you’ll be there’ – One of my dearest’s fave mtv too. It must have been due to their jumpy, bouncy err .. assets.

    2 becomes 1 was significant for me because of this coming of age thing that I went though. I’ve never watched Spice Girls though. I already knew it tanked even before reading the reviews 😛 Singing can be masked by sound machines but acting cant be masked by anything.

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