Pretty shoes makes me go crazy

I don’t think I am a very gentle person, especially with shoes. Moreso with incidences such as this, this and this.

Guess what? I’ve already broken this one. Poor camel suede shoes from Mondo. May you rest in pieces.

So today, when the rubber heel came apart from this pair of shoe which I bought about a month ago. Incidentally I bought that while out with Juli because the camel suede shoes decided to die there and then.

Luckily for me, I had extra rubber heels that I could attach to the shoe. I decided to buy another pair of shoe before it got too damaged. I stopped by this shop called Moda Paolo which was near my workplace.

I thought to myself, “Get sensible shoes Marina. Nice flat ones. Something that you can walk comfortably in

And in the end, I got this:

Undeniably, it was beautiful and stylish. With beautiful gold trimmings and I love the lovely details in the front. But what on earth posessed me to get a stiletto? This was the tallest shoe that I’ve ever owned in my lifetime. This isn’t practical shoes! I would never be able to wear it at work!

I was remorseful. I felt guilty. So I decided to buy this:

Looks pretty simple right? But when I put it on, I was taller, more attractive. Suddenly I had the legs of a goddess.

Oooh! Sexy! Ooo laa laa! Tres Magnifique! Mi piace molto!

Oh gosh. Practicality and sanity all thrown out of the window. Manolo Blahnik here I come!

11 Replies to “Pretty shoes makes me go crazy”

  1. Slither : Oh yes, I love the red pair of shoes too. Arent they gorgeous? I dont own them them, stole those pictures from the net somewhere.

    Hanna : Yeaaaahhhhh! Arent I crayyyzeeeee???

    The unknown : Yeahhhh I ammmm!!!!

  2. I’ve seen the croc shoes. Really popular here. There are the imitation ones for 20 dollars or so.

    Actually I’ve been thinking of getting one myself but … they arent the prettiest thing around. So I’m still thinking πŸ˜‰

    Have you gotten one? How does it feel like?

  3. I haven’t had mine yet coz i hadnt had the chance to shop in spore at dis point in time. Anyways, from the review that i had gotten from the papers, i shud say it’s the healthiest choice of shoes for the feet.

  4. Hi anon πŸ™‚ where are you from? You said you didnt have a chance to shop in spore, so does that mean that you’re from out of the country?

    I could reckon its the healthies with all the holes in the croc shoes … πŸ˜‰ Good for ventilation

  5. Yup, me not from Spore! But i do go to Spore once a week to my sis’s place! I shud be dropping by this weekend to Marina Square to check out the crocs boutique. Really fancy the striking colours. I think they will look cute on my daughter but 4 me, i dun know! and yah, the holes on the sandals reminds me of cheese!!

  6. Marina square! Ah … that place brings memories for me. Used to work there and get teased about the place being my building. I love how it looks now after it is revamped πŸ™‚

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