Sensei Rinaz San


My first win ever at the blogexplosion’s battle of the blogs. Such a nice surprise 🙂

And what a close race too! Many many thanks to the lovely people whom voted for Marina’s Bloggariffic!

Smooches for you 🙂


(poses like Miss Universe)

I’d like to thank my wonderful and patient mum and dad, my lovely grandma, my eclectic bro and sis, my dearest cartcart, my night class lecturers, my classmates, all the cats of the world, Mr Gopal, My neighbours, the auntie that sells me the bowls of delicious noodles, Baby Sarah, Minoshe, the photography club, the 8 lego dudes, my beloved EOS350 camera, blogger, the bicyle, mp3 player, nimmo and friends, teddy bear, portable hard disk drive, Nokia handphone, youtube, Simple face wash, macromedia flash, adobe photoshop, notepad2, msn chat, compy, chocolates, gnocchi, penne arabbiatta, and 10,000 cups of green tea.

I promise to continue to blog about shoes, lingerie, take loads of pictures and post any eccentric thought that I have no matter what adversities that comes along.

Thank you. Thank you all.


*dream bubble bursts*

And back to work I go.


9 Replies to “Sensei Rinaz San”

  1. YAY!!! I always thot ur blog was waay cooler than most!! uh…maybe cept mine?? Hahaha! congrats.
    There’s always interesting things to look at in blogariffic!

  2. Congrats on your first win! I love your graphics, and your content is my kinda readin,g so I guess the people that voted for you felt the same 🙂

  3. Yay! Thanks Red! Thanks Mandy! Thanks Crash! Thanks anon! Thanks chas! Thanks mommy!

    Oh yeah!

    *waves to all her beloved fans and blows kisses 😉

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