The relativity of time and age

It seems like time is passing by so quickly more so than ever. I wake up in the morning and head to work and before you know it, the day is over already and I’m back home again.

I hypothesied that “Time is proportionate to age. The older you are, the faster time passes by

Unfortunately, I was standing next to Chan, a mathematics teacher who was sitting closeby started to debate about how flawed my hypothesis was.

Chan : Time doesnt go faster as you grow older! You just feel that it goes faster as you have more work to do.

The only way when time can go faster is when you go against the speed of light! Einstein already stated in his theory of relativity that if you want to go against the speed of light, your mass has to decrease while your volume increase which is impossible!

Thus time can never go faster. It is always constant. Time is always 24 hours a day. If time were faster, we would have 23 hours or less in a day.

Me : But Chan, time *is* going faster. You do know that there is evidence that the black hole is pulling the solar system closer.

That in turn, already disbalances the entire timeframe and effects the rotational spin of the planet. That would definitely affect time.

I think we must have argued debated some more for a little while. It surprises me how lively I get into these type of discussions when I keep failing my physics and maths (back in my schooldays)

Why do you think about the relationship between time and age?

Update :

Cartcart : If time itself was actually slowing down or going fast, we couldn’t even notice it. It’s all about our PERCEPTION of time.

Our perception is that time goes faster because of a given while, let’s say 1 year, is a lesser fraction of our lived time so far.

Like, when you are 5 years old, 1 year is 1/5 of your life

when you are 60 years old, 1 year is 1/60 of your life

Hence, you see it flowing fast. This has nothing to do with actual time speed – that thing doesn’t even exists since time is used to define speed.

If the whole universe goes on faster, our brain is included. and we can’t notice any difference

The best statement I’ve heard today was by Sin

Time doesnt go faster! You’re just slow!

Ok fine. My hypothesis isnt valid then.

Back to the drawing board I go.

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  1. Hahaha…debates! I used to like ’em until I realized dat there’s no use to be in a debacle when the opposition has preconceptions of a belief. But tell u wat, ur not exactly wrong in the first place. Math teacher or not, I suppose he forgets that the theory on relativity is again just a theory.
    If he really does have any understanding of the principles of quantum physics at all, he would’ve related your *hypothesis* to, perhaps, microcosm chains of theory.

  2. I think you are a wonderful debater đŸ™‚ But now, we’ve open a whole new dimention of Perception vs actual time … hmm … very interesting, yeah? My mind is quite overwhelmed right now. This isnt an easy topic.


    Lots of questionable stuff about Relitivity. Things that make you got Hmmmm.


  4. The previous blogger was absolutely correct. Time does not move faster-there is no way that it can. Our perception of time however, is everchanging. And we cannot form hypotheses on Earth without relying on our brains. Our brains log the conglomeration of our memories. The greater the denominator, as the numerator remains constantly at 1 year, the fraction gets smaller and smaller.
    My friend made a comment regarding the relativity of time and age in regards to death. The longer we spend on Earth, the more deaths we witness, the more we view our lives in respect to our own death. The more we think about our own death, the shorter our lives seem.

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