One wedding and a fun-o-coffee

A couple of things to observe at at a Malay Wedding :

a) Try to dress up during these events. Shirts and pants for men and dresses for the ladies. Denim shorts and slippers arent appropriate.

b) Before sitting down at the table, if you are a woman, try to recognize the mother of the bride/groom to say hello to her.

Shake her hand and bring it to your heart and only sit when she, or any family member invites you to.

Same thing with the father of the bride/groom if you are male.

They are usually dressed alike in matching clothes.

c) Enjoy your food and be merry 🙂

d) After eating, you take leave by saying your goodbyes to the bride/groom if they are there by slipping a small envelope full of money discreetly with your palm. If thats not possible, the mother or father of the bride.

Its supposed to say “Selamat Pengantin Baru” but I dont have any of those at hand. Doesnt really matter (I hope)

One of the rare times when I use makeup

I really didnt want to go to the wedding alone and out of desperation and boredom, I started to text Vai, an old classmate of mine.

MarinaSMS : R u free 2 accompany me 2 a wedding lunch 2day?

Couple of minutes later he replied back

VaiSMS : R u serious? Where is it?

MarinaSMS : Yalah. Feel v lonely if go alone. Its at chua chu kang.

VaiSMS : Ok. Wat time I meet you?

MarinaSMS : I wait for u at cck mrt at 1pm how?

VaiSMS : How about 1.15pm instead?

MarinaSMS : Sounds good! Thanks! You’re a lifesaver!

VaiSMS : Anything for an x wife.

MarinaBrain : Ex wife??? You Crazy gila pazzo.

Vai and I were friends since our Jurong Institute days. He was a nice guy – funny, witty and easy to get along with people.(Plus he was tall, dark, and handsome! Hahaha!) It was very comfortable for me to express myself with him as he wasnt judgemental and was rather open minded. Its hard for any stranger not to like him. He has this charm to make anyone feel special.

I dont remember what was the first thing we said the first time we met, back in school. But I had an great impression of him as he’s always nice and polite to me. Heck! He even tried to teach me physics and mathematics even though I never asked him to, since he knew that I was weak in these subjects.

Eventually we became good friends and confided in each other in numerous agendas. 8 years has passed by since we started our friendship, sitting in a classroom. Thats amazing.

After the wedding luncheon, we went to have coffee together and catched up with each other and talked about different things like some updates with our ex classmates, and just life in general. It was just nice to do nothing but chat with an old friend.

“How’s life man?”

“Did you know that Doris is getting married?”

“I just talked to Yue Heng the other day – he’s a teacher now”

“I met this incredible girl … ”

“I’m so happy for you! Marina, tell me all about your guy”

It was such a lovely afternoon.

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  1. i really miss attending malay weddings… i remember when i was a kid, i had loads of malay weddings to attend (neighbours), and i love collecting those colourful eggs, small cakes etc….

    it seems like an eternity man….

  2. Hi my alter ego 🙂 Weddings are only nice if you dont have to do work… hehehe … All the cakes, eggs, sweets and those colourful sticks you’d get when you go as a guest 🙂 But if you’re a relative on the other hand … all the work you have to do … is no fun at all …

    Hi the unknown : I think you’d enjoy yourself 🙂 Come on over! Plane tickets not included 😛

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