Starting on my night class soon!

I feel kind of nervous now. My classmate, Adi, just messaged me about how expensive the examination fees was and I went to look at the Singapore Examinations website myself.

A quick calculation showed that it would cost me about $650 dollars for the examination and surfing through the examination timetable, it looks like my entire November would be filled up with examinations. I am not sure if the company I’m working with would allow me to take so much time off.

That was quite expensive for since Adi and I, are not a high income earners. We really wouldn’t want to waste the money by squandering the time away.

I’m feeling nervous chiefly because I don’t feel so prepared and yet I’m putting in a lot of hope into this. I’d like to have a taste of what university life is like instead of just wishing about it.

There was once a time when someone said, the doors for entering university would be forever closed to me. At that time, I accepted it but now, I’d like to at least try. It makes me feel that my self-worth is higher. Society here doesn’t say it out directly, that “You’re stupid and unqualified to do many things”. But one can’t help to feel that way. With many decent jobs asking for at least a degree now. Even being a flight attendant in the Singapore Airlines require at least an A Level certification.

I’m taking my A Levels right now. At my age, I’m supposed to have completed my tertiary education already. And now I’m competing with people who are almost 10 years younger than I am. That puts me in quite a bit of pressure. I should do things so that I wont feel regret in the future, like next year in march when I receive the results.

Do a little bit that you dont like today, so you can enjoy what you like, tomorrow.

I’m starting to get overwhelmed and stressed. I feel the need to eat and eat and eat.

Anyhow, I registered for my classes yesterday at the Clementi ITE and I feel really thankful that there are institutions like these that gave subsidized education for the locals. I know that I’ve said this before but I really wished that there were more people whom would take it up. Even my brother asked me for recommendations for private A levels

Bro : Do you think that BMC is a good place to take private A levels? My friend says that it costs about $3500 to study there.

Me : BMC? Why go to BMC when you can go to ITE? Its cheaper there.

Bro : He says that there are not enough teachers in ITE

Me : Huh? When did he register?

Bro : Last month

Me : Last month? But registrations just started this week.

I haven’t been to BMC, personally but my experiences with private schools hasn’t been very positive, after going to informatics for my Diploma in Computer Science. Most of the instructors didn’t seem capable of teaching – all they did was to stand in front of the class and read from the text book and I wasn’t happy with that at all. The fees were atrocious at 5k for the diploma to 10k for the advanced diploma – so I expected quality teaching. I should have gone for the polytechnic education instead huh? Informatics was not only a waste of money, but also a waste of time too.

I’m not sure how the conditions are right now, maybe it has improved, judging from what friends say, but for now, I don’t think it’s wise to go to a private institution when a government subsidized one is actually better.

My registration for my classes went along speedily enough. It took me less than an hour to get everything done, the registration for the classes, the confirmation and the computerization and the payment. Everything was done quite professionally. Sure, the people serving me didn’t wear shirts and ties and coats. Sure the place wasn’t a 5-star building. But it was the friendly and helpful way that the people went about which is the most important thing.

My new classes starts on the 29th March, I’m so looking forward to starting my night classes again 🙂

Stopped by IMM shopping centre for a stroll and had to get myself an eye lubricant. My new contact lenses made my eyes feel dry. The right lens just popped out of my eye yesterday, literally! I’ve never had an encounter like that before with my previous contact lenses – putting it back in again without the solution was really quite uncomfortable. I’ll never forget to bring a mini bottle of solution in my travels again.

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I also went around looking for some shirts. Alas, I’ve grown bigger (due to binge eating due to stress) A lot of my clothes don’t fit me well now. So I went to Dano, after seeing how they are having a sale.

I tried on a pair of pants. There was a discount for their pants and I liked how the khaki pants looks so I went over to give it a try. I’m usually a size M, so I went to try that pair on and took size L just for good measure. I couldn’t get in size M, and I couldn’t even put size L over my thighs.

Ok fine.

I went out of the dressing room and took a pair of size XL. And it STILL wouldn’t go over my thighs! Finally I took size XXL. I managed to put it on, but it was so uncomfortable wearing it. It slung low over my hips. My thighs looked like sausages. I tried to imagine what I’d look like when I am sitting with that pants on. So I put my palms to my knees and bent forward.

Argh! The horror! No one wants to see that! No matter how attractive a woman is, unless they are in beachwear, seeing their crack is so repulsive. Argh! I’m not getting this pants! Never!

Anyway I don’t think Dano is suited for the average sized average women. I don’t think I am so large but a lot of the clothes here don’t fit me. So obviously, I didn’t buy a lot of things here. I just got for myself two white cotton tops due to the horrifyingly hot weather we are having right now and informed the nice (but super skinny) salesgirls there that the rest of the clothes couldn’t fit me.

Oh well.

Went to Minoshe for a bit to see what new lovelies that they had in store. And yes, as waste of money, but I just had to get yet another set of bra + panty + chemise

How could anyone not love this? So pretty. And it went for less than $50 dollars too. Cheaper than for just one triumph bra. While I LIKE triumph lingerie, it’s just too pricey for me)

I also saw this cool looking sun-dress that turns into a skirt when you take the straps off. So interesting. I so like the design

Photo-shopped to hide the messiness of my room

Okay, I think I’ll go and start the day now . Clean up my horrifyingly messy room, do a bit of ironing and then a bit of studying after that. Smooches everyone reading! 🙂

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