Video of our Secondlife Home :)

Just a quickie post 🙂

A quick tour of our secondlife home. Come and visit us in Arcata anytime 😉

Updated : Dear straitstimes readers, do head here for my thoughts on the ‘love found’ article

15 Replies to “Video of our Secondlife Home :)”

  1. Hi Fookr, thanks .. Is just something done real quickly, wasnt professionally done or anything like that 🙂

    Fitz Roy – I dunno, Krysss, a friend from SL thought it’ll be nice to do interviews with friends. I think I might do that when I see them 🙂

    Anon1 – Yes 😛 I’m gonna trample all over your flower

    Chas – Thanks! When are you going to join sl!?

    Anon2 – Thanks 🙂 Do I know you?

  2. awwww….
    so nice
    makes me wan to go to 2nd life n creat a “lyfe” there…

    luv e windin stairs!
    more of e tours pls?
    tis time a lil bit longer lah?

    heheheh 😛

    u hav FABULOUS lovely voice, great asset 4 a teacher….

  3. um, wot format u use 4 e vid?
    mp3? mp4, avi? wma?
    btw, hw u rec voice, rec ure 2nd life, all into1 video?
    wot sofware u use?
    pls teach me, dear teacher marina….

  4. I use Windows movie maker because it is free 🙂 Very easy to use actually you can add in your subtitles and song and also effects. But movie maker only accepts avi or wmv format for editing. Quite troublesome. Thats why you need super to convert it

    For secondlife I use this software called Taksi. Another software to capture 3d environments is fraps which I feel is more superior but is not free.

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