Pointless post

Based on a true story

Hey Marina, there’s a health display going on in the auditorium! Why dont you drop on by later?

Sure Mrs Leong, sounds interesting! I’ll go take a look

Instructor : Each finger represents your system. The thumb is connected to your brain, your ring finger is connected to your intestines, your middle to your kidneys, your ring to your kidneys and your pinkie to your intestines

Instructor: Now put your hands on top of the metal tablet and my assistants will help you use them.

Instructor: You should feel a little pulse, stimulating your vessels

Sarah: Ouch!

Me: Eh, I dont feel anything.

Assistant fiddles and adjusts.

Me: No, I still dont feel anything

Sophia: You must be an alien

Me: Yes, I must be

Assistant: Oh, the battery is flat. Let me change to another tablet (turns it on)

I feel electric jolts and goes into spasms

Me: Ohh … my … goodnessssss .. arrghh!!!

Instructor: Oh my goodness, you are very unhealthy! Look at how your fingers curls up

Me: Ouch! Owwwww!

Instructor: See your thumb, arching in, you have a mental disturbance. You are stressed out.

Me: Oww oww oww!

Instructor: I’ll see you in the mental health hospital very soon.

Me : Wow, you’re a really nice person arent you?

Instructor: (Fiddles with the controls and my arms goes into a magnified twitching with the strong feeling of electrial currents) Now look at how your entire hands move up. You’re very unhealthy! Your skin will turn yellow and not become radiant anymore.

Me: Bwaahh! First you call me crazy and now you say I’m ugly!

Anyway, my wrists feel like they’ve taken a beating for the next hour or two and it hurts to move them. The instructors says that its an effect that its like excercising for an hour and thats good for the body. But I wont be going anywhere near that machine!

3 Replies to “Pointless post”

  1. gosh… i had that too today, after contact time. some third dimension medical services thingy or sumthin like that.

    i jolted when they put me on level 1 and gave a little pull-away-my-hand-while-letting-a-soft-scream manouvre when they wanted to put me on 3.

    and ya, i got hurting biceps after that…

  2. Did you have to walk the green mile before that?

    They call it health, i call it hurting people. Anyone who wants to give me an electric shock is going to be sued (well, if i survive…) πŸ˜›

  3. Thumbelina – Painful right? Of course they will insist that we are unhealthy and that their metal tablet will make us healthier … I mean, sure it works for some people. But for others, we prefer a more less shocking method!

    Awww dearest πŸ˜›

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