Linux is facinating cool

I’ve gone to the dark side … No, not really. But I’m quite geeked up with the new Ubuntu Linux software that I just received this evening.

I was quite surprised when I opened the mailbox to see this:

Then I realised that I signed up for an Ubuntu Linux CD some weeks ago.

I’ve always been facinated by different operating systems – having played around with the Mac OS and then with the Linspire linux OS (which I really liked)

So when I stumbled upon the Ubuntu website, I immediately signed up for a free copy (shipping is free even! Can you believe it?)

Oooh the cover looks pretty spiffy:

There are two cd’s in each cover, one for complete installation and the other one is a live demo – nothing is intalled permanently in the computer, but all the features are there, but since it runs on the cd, it’ll be much slower.

I used the ‘live cd’ to see what are the different features that they had in the software. Installation was smooth and easy. No wierd messages asking me to key in some dos commands like the knoppix linux cd.

And after a few minutes, I saw the ubuntu linux desktop and from what I see, it wasnt difficult to use at all!

Its similar to XP even, with application programs bunched up to one group and the control panel bunched up in another group. It was really easy to use. I was extremely amazed.

One of the different games in Ubuntu

But what was more amazing is the different programs in the cd – they were all free as it is an open source program. And it was definitely comparable to commercial programs that there are out there. Can you imagine programs that would normally cost about $200 being distributed for free?

Linux instant messenger (works with Msn, Yahoo, Aim, Icq and a few others more)

Chatting on instant messengers was a breeze with different IM’s being integrated into one – I didnt have any problems whatsoever talking to friends on the typical os

Linux version of Powerpoint and Word using Open office

It doesnt feel strange to surf in linux as it uses firefox which made it very familliar. It supports many internet based applications such as flash player

Linux version of photoshop

Mmm … very nice. Very nice indeed. Now the only question is – To install or not to install.

Very very tempted

Link to Ubuntu Website

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  1. hey! hadn’t logged in for ages!!! I finally figured out that bug in my PC & squashed it HAHAHAHA!!!!
    Now I hv to deal the bugged link in my blog *sigh*
    btw..i had one of those machines slapped over my tummy by an evil fren once. OMG!!! I started twitching like a mad dog in mid July!!! And uh…who’s DSChickensoup?

  2. Being a Mac user, this doesn’t interest me… except for the fact that anything that sucks users away from Microsoft can’t be a bad thing!!!

  3. Krysss : I’m waiting for and looking forward to when the school where I’m working at condemns the old laptops. Maybe I could get one or buy one for myself so I could install linux in it. Ubuntu doesnt take too much resources and can run fine with 256 memory 🙂 Isnt that great?

    Neutron : Hi 🙂 Welcome to my blog. I’m sure you could! If you dont use that laptop anymore. Give it a new lease of life! (TM) Hehehehe

    Red : Erm … she’s my sister, I guess she stumbled to your blog 😉 You got the machines on your tummy … Oh dear … thats painful! I wouldnt want that …. even if they promise me that I could have washboard abs … The pain is too much …

    Shane : Um … Haiga … Um … *scratches head, trying to find inspiration*

    Panthergirl : Aww … To me, anything (working which is) free is a good thing 😉

  4. Hehehe chris, how does one get about doing partitioning? I’d like to get a secondhand laptop … do you have one to donate to me? 😛

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