Stressful photoshoot


Friday was a total total stressful night for me on my stint on a photography shoot. I had a call from Haney in the morning, asking me if I was free to do a photoshoot for a company event. And I thought to myself, why not? This would be a great experience for me to add up to. Thus I said yes.

But the event started at 6 and I knock off work at 5 and even though she picked me up, we couldnt reach there in time.

It was the time when there is a lot of traffic from people knocking off work
We were going to town
And it was friday

Poor Haney looked stressed out. Moreover, there were plentiful of people calling her up, “where are you? where are you?” making her even more nervous.

When we reached there, there were alot of people queing up already for their glamour shot. I didnt expected so many people. And I fumbled with the equiptment. Even then, Haney forgotten to bring the clips to hang the backdrop and I didnt have a flash trigger. And after the pictures session, people kept pestering, “where are our pictures? Is it ready? I want my pictures!”

I smiled and said, just a minute, we’re still printing.

It was such a mess. And I’m not happy with the quality of the pictures

But we managed to do the best we can because it wasnt professional to be angry and nervous. And I asked Haney, “How on earth are you able to stay so cool after all these”

My heart went 300km/h after the whole ordeal.

But I take it as a learning experience and I think of what are the different things I should do to enbetter the next time.

O well.

Anyways, got to get ready to go to Hema’s ROM now. And I still dont know what to wear. lol!

I’ll update later πŸ™‚

Well, neither do I

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  1. good job marina *pat on the back*… your heart went 300km/h and you survived it. some people don’t…

    and congrats to hema too… i met her once, i think, at hizam’s last year. i’m sure she’ll make a lovely bride. may happiness embrace her always.

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