Shiny things make me go ga ga

My goodness, I can’t believe that we’ve reached December already. It didn’t seem too long ago that we just celebrated the new year. How did time pass by so quickly – a blink of an eye?

My classmates and GP teacher from night class on our final class for the year

During these times, I tend to reflect back on the different things and actions that has been said and done. Sometimes I feel that I am quite selfish and egocentric and only think of myself. That I am quite emotional and take things to heart quite easily.

So, I’m going to do a resolution to try to be less judgemental of other people. Why wait till the new year?

CK asked me, why I haven’t been updating as frequently as I used to. To be honest, I did type in some entries, these past days but in the end, I couldn’t bear to hit the “publish” button. As much as I’d like to express about things that affect me deeply, there is also limits as to what I’d like to share and what I’d like to keep private.

I mean, to what extent would people whom read your blog, take it the wrong way, and use it to pass judgement on you? And to what extent would people use it as evidence to use it against you?

I had to think twice.

Nevertheless, I hope everything goes well, for everyone and for everything goes smoothly.

And enough of the cryptic message. Lets move on πŸ˜›

I think I’m getting addicted to the bling virus. The bling virus is where you feel feverish and sick until you see and buy something shiny (preferably gold, or silver or diamond or other gems)

Juli took me to Lee Hwa Jewellery to look at the Purple Gold pendant that she fancied.

Image hosted by
Pretty purple gold with diamonds

It was interesting to me, the shiny purple was actually gold instead of a gem created by an alloy of different metals and gold. Juli looked completely immersed at the purple jewellery.

The salesman proceeded his pitch and we stayed to look around and listen to his explanation for about 2 hours. Admittedly, the purple gold jewellery was very pretty. But I wouldn’t get it for myself since it was firstly a tad bit pricey for myself (about SG$900 and above) and secondly I don’t really wear jewellery that frequently. Even the diamond pendant that mum bought for my 22nd birthday, I don’t usually wear any more. I used to be passionate about pendants – I swore eternal love and devotion to them. I promised to love and cherish them in good times and bad times.

It is now nicely hung, decorating my bedpost.

In the end, Juli left the shop to go to Soo Kee Jewellery to get for herself a cheaper purple gem pendant. “It’s not worth getting the purple gold now, it’s quite pricey” She reasoned. And I agree.

And then I promptly went to buy myself a tiara.

Image hosted by

Royalty suits me well, don’t you think?

Today I finally caved in to get a ring for myself at Heart to Heart Jewellery. I saw the most beautiful ring while walking around with Clement in IMM. He was searching for a gift for a friend of his and decided to get her a pendant and ring set. While he was choosing the designs, I tried one out and fell hopelessly in love with one of the ring.

I didn’t want to to extravagant and blow my budget. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the ring. How pretty it was. The final straw came when I had a dream scene of trying to buy the ring but got to the shop too late and couldn’t buy it. (I kid you not!)

So I spent a while today at the mall, and got this

You like my bling?

And that would be my extravagance for the month. Now I’ll go and skip buying lunch and say that I’m on a diet.

It was not exactly the same one that I saw at IMM but this is still pretty. I like it very much. And I will cherish and love it forever, till bad credit, do us part.

Work makes me happy, angry, sad and amazed all at the same time!

I’m still busy at work! I’m amazed that I still have plentiful of things to do even if its supposed to be the holidays.

Lets see:

1. Cataloguing 6 boxes full of CD’s for the multimedia library
2. Creating an animation to prettify the student’s research
3. Poster for the publicizing of the jobs software.
4. Other miscellaneous things

*blinks eyes*

At least I’ve got a new friend at work to accompany me πŸ™‚

Say hello to err .. erm … Ted! Yeah that’s it! Ted! One of the staff workers was just about to throw Ted away when she felt sorry for it and plonked him on my desk. Of course, immediately I fell in love with Ted and cuddled with it.

He’s so fuzzy and soft.

And also great to strangle and to throw around when I’m stressed or angry. Its perfect.

Anyway, think I’ll end my post for the moment. Till the next time. πŸ™‚


Oh! Shout outs to all the cool people whom visited marina’s bloggariffic!

How on earth did you stumble here? *curious*

4 Replies to “Shiny things make me go ga ga”

  1. See? That’s why I use Livejournal. When I need to rant about something personal, i can choose to either only let fellow LJ friends read or make it private. Not healthy to keep it all in, you know. And keeping an old-fashioned manual diary runs a very high risk of being discovered and read by family members, like mine was. =(

    Oh, I stumbled here by doing a Yahoo search on my name. You rarely mention about your cousins here but still that few occasion brought me here.

  2. Aww … well, I have livejournal too but I dont really like the look *coughs* I know … I know, pretty superficial of me. Maybe I should do that, another one, just for my more private thoughts. You family members found your journal? That blows πŸ™ And like typical family members, they would overreact, I’m sure. Blah! Do they still snoop around your stuff?

  3. They did. The last straw was when my brother took my hairbrush and dirtied it in the bathroom. I had no choice but to throw away that favourite brush. I locked my room every time I go out now. Anw, my family don’t communicate much, so I think only the brother knows about that old journal.

    LJ don’t support java and flash and all those fancy ‘no right click’ function but you’d be amazed what some LJ-er did to their LJ. Very pretty, mine included. Hehehehe. I’m very modest, I know. =P

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