ho fatto gli gnocchi!

I’ve been craving for Gnocchi for days. And today, my brain and my stomach had a wrestling match with each other.

Stomach : I want Gnocchi!!!

Brain : No

Stomach : Gnochiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Brain : NO NO NO NO NO!

Stomach : Give me gnochiiiiiiiiii.

Brain : ARGH! Quiet you!!!

Stomach : I wont keep quiet till I have gnocchiiiii

Brain : OK OK! SHUDDUP! I’ll get some gnocchi later okay! Just SHUT UP!

Stomach : (Yay! I win!)

Now, Gnocchi are actually potato dumplings that can be eaten with different sauces. I gave them a try while I was on vacation with my dearest and I found that I loved them. I saw some recipes online and though I’m not superb in the kitchen but I thought I’d give it a try.

After work, I went to liberty supermarket at Jurong Point and got these loot.

San Pellegrino sparkling water – $2.60
Raguleto Sauce – $3.50
Herbs – $3.40
Potatoes – $1.90
Semolina Flour – $1.80
Parmesan Cheese – $4.20

Total = $17.40

(Not too bad aye, about the same cost for a meal at Delifrance Bistro)

I boiled the potatoes. Then mashed them and mixed them with the semolina flour. Cut them in little pieces and dipped it in boiling salted water. It’ll be ready when it floats.

I peered at the dumpling. It doesnt look quite right. Mine looked a little rough. But I added in the pasta sauce, sprinkled some cheese and the herbs and it was pretty alright.

Well, it was edible đŸ˜›

Mmmmm … Stomach like. Stomach happy.

Brain: Now, may I continue with my work?


6 Replies to “ho fatto gli gnocchi!”

  1. I love the idea of gnocchi but only ever had the ready made ones in a sealed bag and they were horrible and unappetising. Have you ever tried the ready made ones?

    Yours sounds better and inspires me to try. đŸ™‚

  2. Hi Doris đŸ™‚

    Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, I can never find ready-made gnocchi in my neighbourhood. So I’ve never tried them before. I’m surprised at how easy they are to do. Maybe instead of semolina flour (which is coarse) you could try plain flour instead. I’m going to do that the next time. Its alot of fun, I’m so surprised!

    Hahaha, my dearest is getting me hooked to this, I’m going to make penne arrabiata next! And to think I’m a kitchen-phobic (I still am actually) đŸ˜›

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