To reality

Dear reality,

I know we havent really been the best of friends and I know how sometimes I’d blame you for a lot of things.

Reality, I wish that things were different. Simpler. We wouldnt be the way that we are right now.

But things would never change would it? You’d always be the same. Harsh and cold. Unfair, most of the times.

Sometimes I wonder why it is this way. Its so funny how you treat the nice and people so bad and let the nasty people get away scott free. How come?

But reality, no matter. I am queen.

And as a queen, I will be able to get through all these, with poise and with dignity. And with strength and with grace with all my regality.

Maybe in time, you’ll change. And we’ll be okay.

Anyway, got to go. We’ll meet again soon

Queen Rose Marina Regalia
Kingdom of Rinaz