Carrie : Oh wow.

Aleksandr : What?

Carrie : That is some strong coffee. Oh. Well, no wonder you work all night.

Aleksandr : Thats the way I like it.

Carrie : I could need a little milk in this.

Aleksandr : Then its not espresso. Milk will ruin it. Keep sipping it. You’ll see.

Carrie : I need to talk to you about something

Aleksandr : Yes?

Carrie : You know the other day, when I was talking about my friend?

Aleksandr : The one with cancer.

Carrie : Her name is Samantha. I just felt like, you werent very sensitive about my feelings. I mentioned her and your first response was to tell me about your friend.

Aleksandr : Who died, yeah.

Carrie : Yes. See exactly.

Alexandr looks puzzled

Carrie : I’m sorry about your friend. But my friend, is going to be fine.

Aleksandr : Then my friend died.

Carrie : See! You’re doing it again.Not every one dies.

Aleksandr : Then they are lucky.

Carrie : Okay, I … Maybe I’m not being very clear.

Aleksandr : You’re being clear. You dont want your friend to die.

Carrie : Please stop saying die!

Aleksandr : But to be realistic, you must acknowledge this possibility, yes?

Carrie : No! They caught it early, its stage one. She’s having the cadillac of chemo. No! She is going to be fine. And your scaring me isnt helping.

Aleksandr : All I’m saying when my friend died …

Carrie : Hey! I dont know why, but you are not listening to me!

Aleksandr : You are not listening to ME!

Carrie : Are you kidding me? All I’ve said is, Please. Dont. Talk. About. Your. Friend. Who. Died.

Aleksandr : Her name is Sophie.

Carrie : I’m leaving

Aleksandr : What are you talking about? We’re having espresso!

Carrie : No! We’re not having espresso. WE are not listening!

Aleksandr : Sit down. Finish your coffee.

Carrie gulps the hot drink

Aleksandr : Its hot

Carrie grimaces and coughs

Carrie : I’m leaving. You know, I asked you, not to mention your friend. Now all I can think about, is your friend. And my friend, has nothing to do with your friend.

Aleksandr : I think you’re acting like a child.

Carrie : And I think you’re acting like an asshole.

Aleksandr : Maybe you should go right now.

Carrie : I’m already going!

Some weeks later

Aleksandr : I didn’t think I would hear from you

Carrie : I was upset. Now you know, I need you to not talk. So that I can say this without you confusing me. Samantha is my friend, she’s my family, my insides. She will be fine, because she has to be fine. That is how important she is to me. So, for you to say that she just might not be just … its feels very … hurtful. And really uncessesary.

Aleksandr : Let me explain. My friend who died.

Carrie : God!

Aleksandr : Wait. Wait. When she died. I was suprised. The amount of pain. I didnt want you to be surprised like I was.

Carrie : Well, you could have just said that

Aleksandr : We are different

Carrie : Yes we are. I need my relationship with a little bit of milk.

Aleksandr : Its clear who the writer is, huh? Your friend will be fine.

Carrie : Thank you. And I’m sorry about Sophie.

Aleksandr : Thank you.

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  1. Sigh. Too bad they stopped production already after Season 5.

    Have you watched Six Feet Under? It went on for 5 seasons and with a closure like that, it’s easily the greatest tv series ever. I’m not even joking.

  2. I’m a little perplexed by this entry…since i dont watch SITC. Did you come up with the script yourself? Hehe. But your entries always make for interesting reads.

    Here’s a belated CONGRATS on your makeover venture! Have been isolating myself frm the blogosphere. Wow…you gals sure look great! I think i’ll definitely consider it. I’ll give you some publicity on my blog soon too.. But don’t expect too much from my humble readership. πŸ˜‰

  3. Me : The last season is season 6. Is a good finale. Alot of issues thats quite close to the heart. No, I havent watched six feet under. I’ll see if I can find that πŸ™‚ Thanks for the suggestion.

    Green apple : Wow, I havent seen you around for a while, even on your blog. I was wondering if you were alright.

    No, I didnt write the script, it was just that I felt that in a relationship needs a two way listening process and a whole load of understanding. Sometimes one party will not enjoy listening to what is being said even if the other party means well.

    So … the point is … the point is … I dont know. Just to be sensitive to each other and be patient to each other and to understand, I suppose.

    There will always be issues that one will not be comfortable with the other, but at least both the parties would at least be understanding and aware of the other’s point of view.

    And thanks!!! Would you like a makeover too? πŸ™‚

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