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Ti amo tanto tanto tanto 🙂

Found a whole folder containing some mp3’s in my work computer and decided to dump some of the songs into my mp3 player. While listening to them on on the bus on my way to night class, I was totally gripped by one of the songs. It was called She’s Gone by Steelheart

Man, my eyebrows just arched whilst listening to it. Really. Really really. I was like:

She’s gone,
Out of my life.
I was wrong,
I’m to blame,
I was so untrue.
I can’t live without her love.

In my life
There’s just an empty space.
All my dreams are lost,
I’m wasting away.

Forgive me. Girrrrrrrrl.










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Ahh .. Back to normal and feeling sheepish.

Anyway, I was a little early to night class and my General Paper teacher, Mr Chako was there. His eyes were swollen, poor thing. It hurts just to look at him. He told me that he had an infection and the bad thing was, he was allergic to anti-biotics.

And he still went to work after given a few days leave.

Really gotta hand it to the man for being so dedicated to his work. He still felt sorry for himself though and mumbled a “Gosh, I feel so aged and tired, not like you, you’re young and pretty”

Huh? What?

“Pretty, you’re pretty and have good features. If you dont mind me saying, if you have no zits, you’d be stunning”

Uh .. Okay, thanks.

For the next few minutes, we talked about zits. I thought that zits were because of genetics. My mum had zits, and my grandmother and though I never seen her before, probably my great-grandmother and the one before and the one before. So therefore, I’d get zits too.

Mr Chako disagreed. He believes that pimples are treatable through medication and other remedies. And he began to talk about tetracyclene and facial regiments such as saloons and spas.

Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll never go to facials. I hate the extraction method that they do. It was super painful. I must have cried at the end of every session that I stopped and just gave the salon the cold shoulder.

And currently, I’m seeing a doctor for my skin malaise. It would take a longer time, but at least, there’s no painful poking involved. I asked him if zits were caused by genetics and he replied

“Well, the formation of pimples may be formed due to family genes. If your parents had oily skin, most probably you would have it too. But if one of your parent have oily skin and the other has dry skin, you might have combination skin where you have a T-Zone.

Oily skin may cause pores to block and form acne. However, acne is not a hereditary problem”

Hmm .. ok then. Anyways, I’m not really so bothered by zits now that my skin is getting better now as compared to last year.

I hated looking at myself in the mirror. I couldnt help thinking of how ugly I looked and how aweful everything was around me, coupled by the stress that was due to the company that I used to work with.

People around me would always comment about my face and that made me feel more aweful than ever. Juli must have seen me at my lowest peak at the beginning of this year when she asked me out in the Kinokuniya Bookshop. She asked me to dress up to meet a friend which I did. But my heart really wasnt in it. Because all that I could think of was how ugly I was, how broke I was to do anything about it, how my job sucks and how bleak everything else was.

I was just psychologically broken.

I mean seriously, how would you feel if you had a face like this?

Image hosted by

Sucks I tell you. Just plain sucks. I’m glad that I’ve got it over me, for now. The doctor says that these problems will stabilize when I reach about 30 years old. So I guess theres something to look forward to, at that age, after all. Not only will the skin condition stabilize, short sightedness would also stabilize.

I want to be 30, and flirty and fun

I know its pretty superficial and people would go about the cliqued saying of “Oh, its the inside that counts the most” It still affects someone, anyways. It doesnt help the soul at all.

Speaking of beauty, I was watching this interesting DVD that I borrowed from the library.

In series 3, it talked about the topic of beauty and interestingly enough, it says there is a mathematical ration to what equates to a beautiful shape.

In it, there is a golden ratio to the proportion. 1: 1.618

In a beautiful shape and face, the upper body and the torso would be 1 : 1.618 and this can be seen throughout the entire body as well as face.

Not sure how accurate this is, but I’m not going to start with my non symmetrical face.

A mask done by using these ratios

Fits Kate Moss’s face perfectly

And speaking of faces. Look at what I got from the mail today!

My fave vanity shoppe! With a new branch! In *MY* square! It must be a good sign of times to come 🙂

7 Replies to “Laa laa laa”

  1. I was quite lucky to get away wif zits throughout my existence..I remembered someone tell me dat to eat a well round diet to prevent zits. Veggies & fruits & stuff. Oh..also not to stress out too much!
    Frankly I dunno whether the diet helped! Maybe…cos I got rounder ever since!! xP

  2. ahhh, She’s gone.

    one of my ex bfs, used to sing me that stupid song everyday. Reason being it reminds him of his ex gf (just before me).

    sing once a day nevermind…i swear he sung it like 3 times aday to me.

  3. superstar : You’re totally obsessed! 😛

    red : I think the diet helped, I’ve been to some forums that says that the food that is consumed affects how your skin is. Basically because different foods has different levels of toxicity which will affect the liver which destroys the toxins. Food with lower or no toxins will allow the liver to be free to concentrate more on the other vital organs of the body. which in turn will affect the external skin.

    Not sure how true that is, but it seemed that it worked wonders for a lof of people.

    And about how round you are? You’re still adorable never the less 😉

    my alter ego : Good lord. 3 times a day?! Once a day would be tolerable but 3 … Someone needs to *BE* gone. Anyway, its not a song to serenade the current gf .. gee … It’ll prolly make me p.o

    I dont know about you, but I’m glad *he’s* gone

  4. eh i thought i posted a comment yesterday about being a drama mama..hahha…funny ah you…good sport for being able to laugh at urself…anyway what’s wif sacharine sweet praises about me…ok tomorrow i treat you 2 icecream

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