Problems … Problems so much problems! Arrghh! So here is a little mindless thing to click to destress. *Clicks maniacally*

One of my task at work is to promote the use of the portal at And apparantly the portal use for the month of August is very low. That doesnt look good for me since I’m still under probation for the company plus obviously I’d definitely like to get a salary increment after the probationary period. Must think of ways to increase usage.

Funny. I feel like I’m working more in the sales pitch rather than an educator. Am seriously comtemplating in joining the Ministry Of Education After working for about 5 years in being an IT Educator, maybe its time for me try something new. Something more stable with more pay …

Working in MOE

* More stable jobwith a lesser turnover rate
* More pay compared to private sectors
* More chances of promotion

* Extremely time consuming (as from personal observation)
* Is a huge responsibility
* Very stress demanding job

Working for private sectors

* I have the freedom to be creative
* I enjoy teaching IT

* Lower pay
* Extremely stressful
* Dont feel like part of the school
* Demand for market is phasing out

I could try to apply next year, after I’ve completed my A levels. I’d like to teach Computer Applications and a humanity subject like Geography or Literature. Keeping my options open right now. I dont think I can go on working like this… As one grows older. One thinks more of stability of the future, more than anything.

In the meantime, I just have to make the best of what I have.

Flash done by yours truely. And yes, that *is* my voice.

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  1. Thumbelina : Actually thats the whole idea. Dont you think that “stop it” “no” “keep quiet” is very repetitive in classes? I used to want to have a tape recorder and play those words again and again but since I know flash … hehehehe

    Unfortunately, the kids find it more entertaining than scary. So I play it again and again till they get annoyed to death πŸ˜›

    Smooches dearest πŸ™‚ Annoying voice isnt it?

    Teacher! Can I go to the toilet?
    Teacher! Can I eat my chocolate bar?
    Teacher! I want to sit over there

    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!

    Wah! Teacher bully me!!!

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