Of riding test, job huntings and blood donation

Just who the heck are these people?

14th June is world blood donor day. I was invited to join in a picnic dinner and a movie by the esplanade after having donated my blood in December.

My sister, Diana and I took the train to City Hall and met Nazry at about 8 pm and we had a simple picnic dinner of hot dogs, nuggets and jelly by the riverside. As we sat down and enjoyed the evening breeze and the beautiful lights of the buildings, Nazry told me about his adventure while taking a picture by the Merlion

While snapping a picture with his new camera phone, he happened to slip and unfortunately fell down. But what made him angry was that there were no one asking how he was or inquired about his well being.

What bustards. He quipped. I sat there wondering why there wasn’t anyone helping him up. How strange. Poor Nazry.

I then told Nazry about what happened to me in the afternoon. I had a call yesterday afternoon. And I was a little dazed.

Hello, May I speak to Marina?
Are you free for an interview tomorrow at 3 pm?
Who is this calling please?
My name is Bhapy, and I’m calling from Mastereign.
Mastereign? Yes yes yes. I’m free, Yes yes!
Great! I’ll see you tomorrow. Its at 133, Cecil Street

As I hanged up, I pondered why the name Cecil Street was very familiar to me. And then it hit me. I did spend quite some while over this area. My first “job” was over at this area. I was young and just fresh out of Jurong Institute with absolutely no job experience and found an advertisement for office workers. I was interviewed by a trading company to be a telemarketer.

It wasn’t a pleasant experience. All day long, making phone calls to people that I didn’t know and I had absolutely zero knowledge of trading. After a month I quit after seeing how I really don’t see myself being in this line.

Cecil street was also where I joined Sriwana, a cultural Malay dance organization for a couple of months. I enjoyed my practises there till mum thought that it was affecting my studies and forbade me from continuing.

I also spent weekends here studying my advanced diploma in computer studies in informatics.  To be honest, I think the teaching there totally killed my interest in C programming and I pretty much flunked that subject.

How could I forget this area? A lot of memorable memories here. And I walked and I remember the buildings that I’ve been in as well as see the many changes done to the area. Lovely urban area with a touch of rural charm. I should have a photo shoot here sometime.

Anyway, I was really excited to be called down. I’ve been anticipating as I was really excited by the type of course that I would be teaching. The impressive website that they had made me solidify my desire even more. The entire week I had the thought in my mind “Call me … Call me … Mastereign … Call me…” *laugh*

During the interview, Bhappy, the human resource interviewed all three interviewers together (that was a first!) And we talked about our portfolios and our work experiences and the type of courses that was conducted there. Amazing to find out that they did holistic and soft skill courses like adventure camps, grooming courses, even dance. I was impressed and loved the company’s vision and professionalism. “Hire me … Hire me… Mastereign … Hire me …”

I saw the other two’s portfolio and they were really good too. Looks like a tough competition since they were from the design industry. Me, on the other hand, was self taught … I only had my 5 years experience as an added advantage.

After the interview, I left for home and not 15 minutes I stepped out of the building I had a call from Mastereign again asking me if I could teach for about 2 week.

Of course I said yes!

So now, you’re looking at a freelance trainer 🙂 The pay wasn’t that much at the moment, but it’s not so bad. I love this organization! At least I can breathe a little easier now.


Coming back to the blood donation event, after we had our dinner, we went to the Padang to watch an open air movie. They were playing ‘shark tales’, and we sat on the mats provided with other families. It was so lovely. I really love these type of atmosphere. It was just like the botanic garden trip I had last month. Only this time, I had my siblings with me 🙂

The movie ended at about 9.30 pm and deciding that the night was much too early, we proceeded to go to the Raffles City shopping centre to just walk about. And we saw lego displays there!

We love lego!

Isn’t this spider totally awesome?

Harry potter meets the sith meets the eccentric blogger

At about 10 pm or so, we left back home by the crowded train.

Buying the ticket

Rock on!

Horribly crowded train

I wonder what she was thinking

By the way, I flunked my riding test. Yes I flunked it on Monday. And I blame it on the rain making everything slippery. Not giving up though, I’m going to try and try and try again till I pass 🙂

Nearly 3 am the time I’m writing this entry. And I am supposed to have another interview tomorrow at 10 am … *chuckles* Oh dear.

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  1. Hi Marina, Hey Congrats on the new job 🙂 And bummer on the riding test, you musta had a mean examiner eh 🙁 Hey did I ever tell you I flunked my motorcycle test the first time also 🙂 Yep pro driver me hehehe What I did was you have to do 3 figuire 8 in a parking stall and 3 circles Well I came out of the circle and went right into a figuire 8..instead of going to the end and starting fresh..well it was to much of a twist and lost my balance and almost fell, had to take my foot off the pegs and that failed me 🙁
    I didnt give up went back later and passed it 🙂 You will pass it also, now you have an edage you know what to expect and what you did wrong …use that to your benefit 🙂 Good Luck with the new job and with your next test 🙂
    Wishful :>)

  2. Thanks wishful, I’m going going to try again next time. I cant go on with public transportation especially when I have to travel so far in the north 😐

    Woo .. when do you want to go out CK? 🙂 Anytime! (when I’m free) And you treat lunch!

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