make the pain go away

Is this really it? Just like that … goodbye… All these while I’ve been trying to forget you and to be angry with you and now that I’ve finally made you go away… I find myself crying again.

It feels like another chapter in my life is closed again. Try as I might, I can never go there again. It hurts because I never thought it could be this way. And it hurts because I have lost a good friend. And it hurts because I still care …

Why must it end this way?

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  1. Marina, I don’t want it to end this way …I just felt that is what you were hinting at, I wish it could be like it was! But from what you have said I guess not πŸ™ Please cant we talk, I really miss the time we spent together. I don’t want to be ejected from your life …unless that is your wish. Please its been hard for me also and it hurt when you totally ignore me as if I’m nobody πŸ™ I regreted leaving that note almost imediatly last nite.. I was hurt and maybe a little upset and acted foolishly and then sat here thinking, now you will never speak to me again and I felt a deep remorse :(:( Its up to you ..if you want me to go away, say so and I will leave and try not to bother you anymore, I pray that is not your choice but if it is I will try to honor it. Marina Please try to understand , Its a struggle just to survive and at times ther isnt enough money and I have no resources like you have. Iv’e been working 6 days a week just to get by and am broke most the time πŸ™ See now I am making all kinds of lame excuses πŸ™ Marina Let me know what you want me to do OK.
    Big Hug,

  2. There is a reason why dirty laundry are not hung in the front yard for the public to see. U catch that anonymous???
    Marina’s resources are at her own disposal & descretion. Making it public just reflects the sincerity of your ‘remorse’. Go figure..’friend’!

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