My interesting first photography lesson

Sent my resume for a couple of companies, I hope to hear a reply from them, one of the post I was very interested in was the teaching of graphic arts and multimedia to primary and secondary school students. Ever since, I started teaching in secondary schools, I’ve always loved graphic arts and multimedia. I’m definitely most enthusiastic about flash animations. I love the colour and the simplicity of the program.

These are some of the examples that I personally created for some of my lessons

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Not bad for an untrained huh? Well, I’m looking forward to a reply from the company. I’m not really expecting a reply though, but it would be wonderful if I got a call.

I was just surfing through ‘best blogs in asia’ and submitted Marina’s Bloggariffic just for the fun of it, when I stumbled across a particular blog that really caught my eye.

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Maybe it was the really adorable cat banner, or the wonderful images that the creator has posted. I really liked the blog very much. It’s in Malay, and I like her conversational style of writing.

Interesting first time night class I went to yesterday. I took the train to Tiong Bahru mrt and took the bus 195 to reach Radin Mas Community Centre. I wasn’t familiar with the southern part of the area but it was really heartening to see that there were people who was always ready to help when one asks them. 🙂

I met two other people in the course, Kathy, who was a mother who snaps picture for different type of sports and Rudy, a portrait photographer.

We were taught by Faiz, a photographer who has about 10 years of experience, and from his portfolio, has taken many pictures of Asian Celebrities. It looked beautiful, these pictures.

I loved listening to Kathy and Rudy speak, they have such lovely accents and were wonderfully friendly. I think we’re gonna have a great class ahead.

We learnt about the basic parts of a camera, apertures, and shutters and the many different types of cameras that are used in the industry. Faiz, tells us that the lens used for the SLR are very important. He showed us the modular camera too, which was easily interchangeable. But the more I listen to him talk, the more my heart nearly jumped out when he mentioned the costs of the parts of the camera that he uses – 8k for just the lens alone. Ouch. I quite like the tamron lens though, that I used for the photoi excursion.

Anyway, going to end here for the moment, hopefully I’d have time for a run before I head out for the Buskers Opera later tonight.