It’s a small world

The world is such a small place. I was just surfing to Princess Thumbelina’s blog and chanced upon one of her pictures. One of the guy in there looked very familiar.

Turned out that he was someone whom I went to school with and turns out that Princess Thumbelina’s dearie was my classmate. What a coincidence!

This is the class of 97G. The best class ever!

We were a bunch of fun loving people. We loved to have fun, but we were serious when work was concerned. That’s Hema at the back row, extreme left. Me and Juli somewhere in the middle and Princess Thumbelina’s dearie is in the middle row, fourth from the right. His name is Shahim.

Shahim was a very good looking guy, very tall, dark, handsome, suave and I knew a lot of girls liked him a lot. He was active in sports and in the student council and was really good at his studies.

But I was very facinated by his dense leg hair.

Me : What nice leg hair you have Shahim
Shahim : Why yes (proudly) That is a sign of my virility
Me : How long do you think your leg hair is?
Shahim : I don’t know
Me : I have a ruler here, just stay still …
Shahim : Are you crazy? (runs away)

I was good friends with Vai (front row, third from left)and he and Shahim would do silly things together. Like doing the limbo rock and dancing the hawaiian dance on a whim. Ahh memories … 😛

A lot of interesting and memorable thoughts in school. I just want to say that I’m glad that the two of you met each other, Teenee and Shahim. And it wont be too long till he comes back from New Zealand 🙂

Ring ring!

Baby Rinaz : Allo?

Baby Cart : Hi Rinaz, can you come out to play?

Much much better at riding practise today, am going again tomorrow for self practise before Monday’s practical test. I have to keep reminding myself to check the blind spots and to keep my eye points correctly and my clutch handling.

If I can keep that under control, everything else like wide turning and wobbling problems would be gone. I have to try my best. One guy who was with the same review practise with me went for his traffic police test for 4 times. I’ll try not to let that nerve me.

The company called me up in the afternoon saying that they had to postpone the interview since the interviewer went overseas. Oh well.

Zila asked me to sign up for a myspace account a few days back and I really didn’t fancy it. All the fuss about updating profiles, and making friends and trying to impress each other. I’m not really a social person and I really can’t be bothered at trying to make an impression at people that I hardly knew. Especially incoherent people.

(my space email)

Someone : hi
me : Hi there how are you
someone : so r u single? u meet up chatters? where you usually go?

someone else : hai singaporean…Friends???

Another person : halooooooo
me : Hi. How are you?
Another person : bout you?? are you online now? got msn?


It’s not that I’m such an anti social or that I’m just being a cranky hermit. (well, maybe I am) But why can’t more (Singaporean) males be a little more expressive? Geri and I complained *coughs* I mean discussed about how most(not all) Singaporean males are quite incoherent.

A rare scene when I am feeling very social online

rinaz : Hi there,My name is rinaz, how are you?

sum1 : fine

rinaz : So, what hobbies do you like to do? I like listening to music, digital arts and and reading. What about you?

sum1 : yeah

rinaz : That’s cool. Have you heard of smashing pumpkins before? I love Billy Corgan’s music, his voice is a little odd but the music’s great!

sum1 : They’re okay.

rinaz : Do you read books? What type of books do you like?

sum1: Donno

rinaz : (feeling really bored) Well, gotta run, take care. Bye.

sum1 : wait, u have picture? Wat ur email address?


Why cant there be more (singaporean males) like this?

(fictional IM)

fictionalguy : Good evening. How are you today? May I have the pleasure of your company?

icanonlydream : Why, hello! I’m good, thank you for asking. How about you?

fictional guy : Most wonderful tonight, it was a great day today. Spent the day with friends. That is the life! Great food, great company. Perchance, do you like music?

icanonlydream : Oh yes, I like all sorts of genres, basically any music that’s easy listening. R&B, Alternative Jazz, Classical, Pop, Grunge..

fictionalguy : Pop? Grunge? Thats great, I’m quite partial to ‘Garbage’. Some people might find them too alternative sounding, but I like them anyway

icanonlydream : Garbage? No way! I love Garbage too! I see the start of a great friendship 🙂


I’m sure that there are intelligent men online out there in Singapore. (There are MANY intelligent women in singapore by the way 😛 ) I sure am not seeing it in myspace … or friendster or hi5 or zorpia.

Seriously, there’s just too many of these friend making websites. Maybe I’m just jaded about these websites or that I’m just being extremely anti social but I really really don’t fancy these websites. To me, its just another popularity website where you ‘rank’ how attractive a person is and I am not keen about that.

Why must a person be ranked about their physical exterior? And why must a person be ranked by their popularity. And why have oneself scrutinised for acceptance? Not for me, thank you. I’d rather blog my thoughts rather than being the popularity game all over again.

Making friends shouldnt be a chore. And making friends should be one where you are attracted by ther other’s personality. Oh well

7 Replies to “It’s a small world”

  1. i’m supposed to be completing my still not completed assignment due midnight tonite… yet, here i am, laughing away while reading what u wrote. 😀

    a part of him that i didn’t get to know of… mostly for the fact that he came into my life only lately. but i have to agree with you… those school days were the best with the friends, of course.

    and marina… i’ll measure his leg hair for u when he comes back k? 😉

  2. Actually, i like swimming. I don’t like the beach too much (well, not the ones around here… maybe i could enjoy some nice tropical island beach…), but i like swimming.

    Oh, you forgot to mention the hazelnut icecream we could have after looking at the clouds…

    Bye from a (alas too much) grown up Cart

    PS: Garbage aren’t that bad… (still nothing compared to Pat Metheny Group, you know) 😉

  3. Thumbelina … I’ll be looking forward to that … I’m sure its more than 1cm … hwargh hwargh hwargh!! 😛

    Ohh yeah cartcart 🙂 Hazelnut ice cream 🙂 Mmmmm *drools and dreams* 🙂 Really looking forward to it!

  4. Well Marina I see you are having fun. That’s Great it is probably what You needed to do. Its funny ,I was happy that you finaly acknowledged me! And now I realize how stupid I must have looked, too dumb to realize that you were telling me not to bother you, in a nice way….I was just happy to be online again and to see you again, some times it takes a while for me… but after reading and observing the obvious points. It has finally sunk in, I’m truly sorry and wish you the best and hope you find what you want or achieve your goals ect. I won’t bother you anymore. Good Luck,
    Take Care,

    P.S. Wear a helmet when you ride! And be extra careful at intersections!

  5. Hah…!! Leg hair eh….. Wanna gossip pun dun lah until everybody reads about me..!! And how come my leg hair pulak is the hot topic..?!
    Damn…Anyway, a lil bit exaggerating about me especially the girls who like me part. So how r u connected to Tini? You teaching now or seems like u’re in the media or some sort. I’m glad u’re one of them who didn’t end in NIE thank God!! Would like to catch up with ye all some time. I’ll be back in November anyway. Love the photo though. Those good all days where everyday is a honeymoon and failing exams are a norm. Hope to hear from you more. TAke care!!! P.S. (my leg hair is not that long…anyway it keeps the mosquitos away and gives me warmth during winter…Hah!)

  6. Hey hey hey shahim 🙂 Nice to see you in my humble blog. How am I connected to Tini? Well, it so happened that she stumbled to my blog for a reason and she left a message in one of my post. I went over to her blog and took a look at it, and the rest is pretty much history. Its such a small world isnt it? I’m teaching, but not in the MOE though, I’m an educator for software and an IT Support for teachers and staff. I’m trying to do some phototaking during the weekends for some extra pocket money … hopefully. Yes .. miss JI days man … sigh… You take care too Shahim 🙂 Dont forget to pop in anytime 🙂

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