Discrimination, discrimination, discrimination

Every now and then, I’d use the random blogger header to surf over to different blogs when this made me quite upset. I’m usually reticent about this matter, however (amazingly) the writer brought a rise in me. Because of what she sees and reads the mass media, she condemns the entire Islamic religion. Its blatant religious intolerance and plain discrimination.

Its bad enough we have such a bad reputation because of these deranged extremists who cant get it in their thick skull that they are actually HURTING their religion rather than embrace it. Islam is a peaceful religion of tolerance. Islamic prophets has never laid a finger on a woman, neither ever used violence. So why are these extremists using religion for their own personal gains? It has never been in Islamic nature to be destructive.

Its a kick in the face

I was pretty sure that there would always be people who’d rather be stuck viewing the world in their own point of view not realising that there are always other side of the story.

One doesnt have to travel all the way Gitmo, or Pakistan to witness discrimination. It happens right here in Singapore although never to an extreme level. Malays are lazy, Chinese are money grubbers, Indians are smelly… Wake up! NOT EVERY PERSON IS LIKE THAT!This is a stereotype! Just because you meet a few bad apples, why are you generalizing the entire masses? Its such a bigoted view that I’m amazed …

But truth be told, the fact of life would be that dicrimination happens because people see the difference in skin, in speech, in the different choices one embraces … Unless the entire world is homogeneous, there will always be discrimination.

People will say what they want to say. But as a Malay saying goes “Berani kerana benar” … The truth shall set us free

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  1. I told you that you needed to re-read the piece. I clearly stated that I’m tolerant of all religions, how could you miss that? I am however intolerant of those who wish to degrade and abuse my gender; as a woman you should concur.

  2. And . . . I never gave a blanket mindset of Muslims. I never said ‘all Muslims are bad’, never. I don’t know what media you listen to, but all of the MSM does nothing but defend Islam. To find Islam being critisized you need to go to alternative news sources. If my chosen religion performed terrorist bombings and mistreated women, I would be out on the streets showing the world that not all believe that to be okay. We never hear Muslims stating anything of the kind. Unfortunately in my area there are almost no Muslims for me to get to know, but what I see is acceptance by all Muslims of these atrocities.

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