the rebirth of compy!

Ohhh yeah … compy’s back and I’m back in business! 🙂

I was waiting for my brother to come back so he could help me lug it to the computer shop to have it fixed. He looked at the cpu, mystically, he whipped out a screwdriver and waved his hands around and tinkered. And a few minutes later, lo and behold, my compy is ressurrected again. I was so amazed. Every. bit. of. data. is. there. I dont have to install everything from scratch again. I was so happy, I could have kissed Naz right there and then.

What happened was that I had two hard disk drives in the computer. One 20 gig and the other one the newer 120 gig. Apparently, the 20 gig one was set to master and the 120 was set to slave. The 20 gig got fried and thus didnt allow me to boot up or reinstall xp. All Naz did was to set the 120 gig drive to master and thats it. Dang. He’s so smart. I’m going to make a dedication for him.

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See him in all his majesty. See how when he walks, sun rays just shines though his tanned and sinewy body. He’s a greek god, with laurels in his head. And had the power to command lightning bolts. Oh Nazry, you’re the best brother ever. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Being offline for a couple for days has its own merits though. Yes, it does have its inconveniences as in I wasnt able to do alot of things, my assignments, my work, email and others but it did give me some time to think about what was important to do. And I noticed that I was able to do my work more effectively at the workplace since I knew that I didnt have any other means to do it except for there. So I was more focused.

Back home, with no connection, and nothing else to do, I was able to pick up the books that I wanted to read. I’m half way to the 55 tips to success now. And reading it, I’ve picked up some sound advice. Like listing out what is important and urgent and otherwise.

It makes things so much clearer when its being written out. The things that I have to fulfill. The list isnt complete, but are just some of the rough ideas that I have at the moment.

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For example, the important and urgent are the things that I should be doing immediately as its detrimental if I didnt do it.

Important and not urgent are the things that I should do, but I can put if off for a while.

Not important and urgent might sound strange, however there are a few situations when it is necessary. Like congratulating someone who has a raise and if the congratulations are procrastinated, it wouldnt feel right anymore.

Not important and not urgent are things that will bring fullfillment but arent a must.

Anyways, a few things I have to do at the moment, as night classes progressed, I’ve quite a few assignments to do research on right now. Better start on that before I delay it. I dont trust myself 😛

Well anyways, I’m glad to be back online again 🙂 Thank you again, bro! You’re the best!

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  1. Thanks red, but I’m not to keen at seeing my brother nakie 😛

    Paws, it could be samara, like what kucing kurap says 😛

    Kucing, well I hope not! I’m a poor girl you know …

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