Snapshots in Pasir Ris

A quick post before I start the day. Mum has been very involved with the resident comittee and organized a picnic for the zone c residents of Taman Jurong at Pasir Ris yesterday. I tagged along. I could snap some pictures too.

Compared to the snapshots from the Japanese Garden, I thought that I’d try more people expression shots this time. So here are a few unposed pictures :)Bigger version of the pictures here Unphotochopped.

Its times like these, I realise that I would like an even more zoom angle lens for my camera. There were some shots that I couldnt take. Like zooming in to a scurrying iguana. Even the macro shot of the bee on the flower that I tried to snap wasnt large enough. Hmm …

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  1. That is one nice camera. I can see the bee fine, I loved the one of the boy on the slide. Much better than the Kareoke pics. The girl with the boat is a good one also, the colors are great on the sails.

  2. Thanks paws! I love my camera heaps! *hugs it protectively* Maybe I’ll name my camera anna or felicia or leena hmmm …*thinks*

    Thanks red 🙂 Beaches are great, but the weather now is madd hot … wear loads of sunscreen if you dont want to risk being burnt alive 😐

  3. Thanks rockdontcare 🙂 I dont know, just feel that it could be improved with a better zoom lens. But I like the fact that its quite sharp 🙂

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