Of papers and books

28th February – The graduating students from the past year comes back to school again after 3 months of holiday to receive their O level results. There were some faces which was relieved, there were some who looked sad when they looked at their slip of paper. I felt sorry for some of them, having since going through the same thing many years ago.

It was inevitable that I did, since I’ve been with the school since mid 2003 and was with these kids for quite a while now. Jason, one of the most responsible student I’ve ever come across did not manage to go to his choice college that he wanted to go to since his points was a little off. He tells me that he would go to a centralised institute instead. I adviced him to consider making an appeal since I thought that he was a model student.

Albert, Jason (with the vid cam) and me at the National Junior Robotics Competition

Jason really helped out in a lot while in the club, that I was really grateful in what he did. I’m amazed that there is a student that actually took alot of initiatives. There was a time when he actually brought Yu Sheng (a type of dish the chinese eat during chinese new year to bring prosperity and luck) to school!

Well, suffice to say, I’m mightily impressed. And I wish you all the best in your future endevors Jason 🙂

In recent weeks, I realised that I havent been able to remember my dreams anymore. I remember dreaming, but it would disintegrate immediately as I wake up. I’m not sure if its a cause of concern since I’ve always prided on dreaming everyday (in colour! Wide screen! THX surround sound!)

These days its nada, zip, zilch, nothing. The interesting thing about dreams is that I truely believe that it unlocks alot of hidden messages in oneself. Either it could be a message to reflect, or a message to solve a problem. Sometimes it could be a message of the future.

I’m sure many have experienced dreams where by they dismiss and then suddenly one fine day BOOM! They look around their surroundings and realised that it was a scene that they actually dreamed some while back. That type of dream is categorized as a “Deja Vous”

I believe that humans are still evolving, and that our forms at the moment are not the final stages. Who knows, perhaps we could communicate with each other through our thoughts and could have an insta-deja vous at will. Pretty much similar to John Wyndham – the chrysalids which I enjoyed reading tremendously

Speaking of books, there are couple of books which I’ve been *trying* to complete reading. Some of them, I havent even read in a span of a few years! Terrible isnt it?

One of them would be:


Heaven knows how absent minded I can be. Alot of times I’d be raring to do something and when I start, I’d completely forget what I wanted to do initially.

Tony Buzan is a man I look up to (even though I dont really practise his steps faithfully lol)

One of the method of remembering Tony teaches is memory pegs which I found facinating. He converts numbers to codes.

0 = s,z, soft c
1 = d, t, th
2 = n
3 = m
4 = r
5 = l
6 = j, sh, soft ch, dg, soft g
7 = k, hard g, hard c, hard ch, ng qu
8 = f,v
9 = b, p

For example, if I wanted to memorize a phone number, for example the number 2665431

I could break it up as 26 (niche) 65 (cello) 43 (ram) 1 (day)

Making a picture of a huge, gigantic niche playing a solid brown cellow but always gets disturbed by a black wooly ram, every sunny day. I havent really gotten to memorizing the list that I’m supposed to though. Although I really like the idea of memorizing all of the phone number list of my friends. And remembering important dates without having to use my diary.

A friend lend me this book when she asked me on the phone what the audio I was listening to was (I was hearing rich dad, poor dad at the time on internet streaming) and she lend me the book to read. The book was an interesting read. Although I have to admit that I havent gotten past half the book. I keep falling asleep while reading … (yes thats horrible of me! LOL) And its been at least 4 or 5 months since I’ve been keeping that book.

I bought this one about 2 years ago while on a trip to Malaysia. 55 petua orang berjaya means “55 advice for being sucessful” Its an interesting reading full of simple to follow and logical advice that makes you think “why didnt I think of this before” And no, I havent completed reading that one either. For goodness sakes ..lol

Speaking of books and novels, I stumbled across this link which I found hillarious. Click and be prepared to chuckle : Alternative Romance Novel Covers

Thats all for the moment. I’ve got to do something else now … but I just cant remember what … let me try to recall …

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