Registered for A Level Night Classes at the ITE

Just thought I’d post real quick about what has been going on lately. Yesterday, I registered to retake my A Levels again. I don’t know why it took me so long to have the initiative to do it again. I guess, when I started working, my entire perspective changed and wasn’t able to give my whole attention to it.

But the stigma of living in a country where the paper is more revered compared to experiences, really makes one feel the sting. I hated the fact that the paperless were labelled as having of a lower intelligence and such. But anyways, I asked around for recommendations about for flexible and affordable part time courses (having had bad experiences at private schools)

Hizam, my cousin recommended that I register at the ITE since he has taken the course there for some months. Coincidentally, he’s a proud father of a baby girl now. So congratulations to you Zam! 🙂

Anyhow, I chose the following subjects

  • Economics
  • Geography
  • General Paper
  • Literature
  • Malay

I studied sciences back in Jurong Institute, which was probably a mistake since I was not very good at these subjects but was just too strong willed at that time to consider taking the subjects that I was good at. I reasoned that I could have more choices when I was done with it. Little did I know that I would do so badly in them that I couldn’t proceed any more.

But thats the past. I’m really looking forward to starting the classes again – Wish me all the luck 🙂

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  1. CK : Just a few weeks to go now, I cant wait to go! My only qualms would be the timing though. I went though it before, a full time job coupled with night time classes. It was tiring to say the least.

    DJ : Thank DJ! I’ll try to have fun. I hope ..*crosses fingers*

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