Unholy Communion

When an asian woman reaches of a certain age, it would be inevitable that a particular talk should arise. I had a very interesting talk with my mother this morning about the topic of marriages. I remember one of the talks that we used to have. She told me of the 5 qualities that one should look out when looking for a partner.

Number one : The person should have enough material means to support himself and his wife.

Number two : The person should not have any diseases like aids, or mental defects

Number three : The person should preferably be decent looking. (For a good gene pool she mentioned)

Number four : The person should come from a good background.

Number five : Most importantly, he should have firm religious beliefs.

It was interesting to listen to her talk, she should be a motivational speaker for the masses – she can be facinating to listen to. Anyhow today, while I was helping out to make some food in the morning, she mentioned to me about some of the people that was around her. The topic was like this :

“You know? Its so sad that Marina isnt married right now. Poor thing, You shouldnt be so choosy”

That comment flipped my mother out and she lambasted back to the person.

“Why should she be in such a hurry to get married if she’s not ready yet? She’ll get into problems if she’s not prepared for it. Why do you call her a poor thing? She has education, she has a career and she has decent looks. Now why are you rushing her?”

I looked at my mom with such admiration for sticking up to me, even though we dont see eye to eye sometimes, she’s still a strong and admirable woman.

And then, she told me about the cousin’s wedding that I had to go to today. I pretty much dont enjoy going to weddings. And this list below pretty much sums it up the reasons why I dont like to go to them. Not as compared to the wedding of people which I am close to as compared to clan weddings 😛

Top 5 reasons why I dislike weddings (malay weddings in particular)

5. Combination of bad karaoke and loud amps = migraine
4. Speaking of karaoke, I dont understand why they insist on playing totally inappropriate songs during this occasion. “She left me heartbroken, now I’m all alone” “How could she do this to me” Sour grapes much?
3. It appears to be that most of the males would be huffing and puffing on their ciggies away. Like a procession with ciggies as their instruments. With such exquisite billowing of their ciggies, the impressive concierto of the smoky instrument, impressively leaving people around gasping for air.
2. Never any organization.
1. Always the gossippy people, trying to belittle you down.

Another cousin’s wedding today after seeing my cousin noreen’s wedding on the 12th December. That was at best, tolerable since we get to see alot of characters in different people. Since Malay weddings are supposed to be a community extended between all of the relatives, it was really disheartening to see that there are some people who tried to sneak out and not do their part, leaving those people who are doing their jobs to be burdened to work even harder with the extra task. What was the icing on the cake would have to be when the brother of the bride himself didnt even turn up for the entire reception, and only appeared at the end of the wedding when the whole event was over. If there is ever a word for phobia of weddings, I think I would have one.

So, anyhow I looked with displeasure at being told that there was a wedding today and just as expected, loud inappropriate music, clouds of smoke …

I looked for an excuse to leave in after two hours. I wanted to visit a colleague’s housewarming party today anyways. I sms’ed everybody I knew to accompany me there. Seems that they were all busy or had previous engagements. So I did the best thing I could think of at the time. I dragged my sister Diana 😛 She didnt seem to mind it at all. I think she was relieved even to be able to leave the event.

We went to Woodlands mrt station, and gingerly went to Hasnah’s house. There were many shoes outside of the door, indicating that there were many many people inside. We went in and I saw some students which I havent seen for a while – yes, I did miss them … a little 😛 It was lovely to spend some time with them, not in the school environment.

My sister was a little shy with the students even though they were just a few years older than she was. I guess she’s always been shy around people that she doesnt know.

Anyhow, we were playing around with the toy that Hasnah gave to every visitors. It was really really cute and has this wierd sound coming out of it when we squeezed its beak

Meet Poring and duck – My new sleeping partners 😛

I think we annoyed the heck out of people when we were playing with the ducks on the way home on the train.

Later on when I reached home, I heard of the horrible news of the earthquake that happened in asia. Since Singapore is basically just a piece of rock and is protected by larger countries like Indonesia, we didnt get hit. Maybe just mild tremors in some parts of the island.

It was horrifying to hear of the death toll … It was just jaw dropping to hear of the magnitude of the earthquake … and I felt really sad for all of our neighbouring countries … I was relieved to know that Julie picked up the phone and indicated that she was safe and sound at home. But she was worried for rin, who was in phuket, and didnt reply to her phone calls.

Hopefully it would be because of the busted phone lines.

I can only hope for the best.

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