Memories of West Spring

Well, morning time here and in a better state of mind to write in my blog. Always here to please my fans. Well my one fan … *laughs her head off*

Anyways, I was checking on my email account and to my dissapointment our school did not get to the preliminary rounds for the e-animation competition. Really feel bad for the girls who put in so much effort for the competition.

They spent alot of time after the school holidays and it was a very valiant self effort. Not to sound bitter, but I can bet you that the work done by the finalists are probably done by a hired professional. Most of the competitions done by schools are. So I guess I’m not too thrilled about the whole scene when I first found out about it.

This is a scene from the e-animation.

Hopefully we could do better for the next year. I really know the kids has potential to win. They just really need to get their butts kicks and stop being so lifeless and procrastinating ..Grrr!

Work … I know that I’ve complained to quite a bit of people about it. Too stressful. Not enough pay. Too much work. No free time. No social life. Rude kids. Demanding bosses. Out of the world colleagues. Thats all true. There isnt a job in this world that doesnt come with its own problems. But I’ve heard of a saying that goes by “every job has its own problems. What makes a job worthwhile, is if you could find a job with problems that you enjoy solving” I try my best to go through that very sound advice.

I’ve always enjoyed teaching for one thing. Its nice to interact with people and them fill them with information and see their faces light up when they understand something and do a task beautifully. It feels like such a proud achievement for me. Teaching is also something of a two way road, where you dont only talk, but you also listen and learn from each other. And I guess in a way, I’ve been slowly being quite attached to my little monkeys *coughs* I mean my students.

I remember when during their examination and I was invigilating. I was sitting there looking at their faces and remember how they looked like when I first saw them. And then I think about how fast time passes by. And then I thought sadly at how they will leave soon and that I wont be teaching them anymore. Thats the thing about teaching and emotions. A person could really get attached whether they want to or no 😛

West Spring is now moving to a new campus. I cant help but feel a feeling of “end” while packing my things and remembered the different memories from when I first came to the school. And just the same, I know that I’d probably not stay there permanently. But I will definitely miss it should I go. West Spring Secondary would definitely have a place in my heart.