Looking back

Well looking back for this year, I’d have to admit that there were alot of crazy, strange, amazing things that I did this year which I would have never thought I’d never do

January : Started keyboard lessons

February : Had a crush on someone, and plastered stupid post-its on his table

May : Signed up for motorcycle lesson

June : Paricipated in the Singapore Idols

July : Did brazillian waxing (and I dont think I will ever do again)

August: learnt how to hoverboard, learnt alot about investments

September : Tried the flying trapeze, went to camp in the worst condition

October : Plucked the courage to go to gym, knowing there were alot of scary muscled men in there

November : Caved in and registered for a webhost

December : Donated blood

I’m also grateful for the wonderful people that I met this year,friendly people in the office, casual aquaintances on the street, wonderful folks on the net … there are many many gems out there, if one can search for it 🙂

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