Let’s eat at Ops!

Ops! is a restaurant that serves a variety of delectable vegan food. The way it functions is that you choose what you want to eat, and have it weighed and that’ll be how much you pay.

Cart and I have been here for at least 3 times already and this time round, we were here with our friends, Mdm Huang, Eu Chai, Sindy and Dario.

In this videoblog, I learnt that it’s kind of hard trying to take footage when all you you want to do is eat and chat so much with your friends.

OPS! Cucina Mediterranea Vegetariana a Roma
Via Bergamo 56, Roma 00198

Unforgettable anomaly for Via Noir at Rome, Italy

It didn’t seem too long ago that we did the Via Lux anomaly and now Via Noir has arrived and it was held in Rome!

This anomaly is especially memorable to me because it was held in my adopted home, conducted at nightfall (hence the “Noir“) and I was the lone scooter team going around the circumference of the playing area.

Thank you to all the organisers for your sacrifices! Thank you to all agents who came to fight for Rome! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Let’s go to Outdoor Festival!

Outdoor Festival is a kind of street art exhibition that’s held during the month of October for this year. Apparently it has been going on for 7 seasons. But if it weren’t for the feed in Instagram, I think I wouldn’t even know that it existed.

Even though, many of the exhibitions I didn’t understand, I enjoyed myself and had a fantastic time there and am looking forward to the next one 🙂

Sidenote : If you’re in Singapore, don’t forget to tune in this Thursday to Suria at 8.30pm to watch Ole Ole Temasya! Yup, the episode in Italy is finally out!