Natural Makeup Look with Kiko

I’ve always liked the natural make-up look, and I just couldn’t resist.

Natural make up might sound like a misnomer, but I like how we are able to look a better version of ourselves without having to look too artificial and overly made up.

After watching the video above, I was pining over getting a few more drawing toys for myself and so I went to kiko. I initially planned to get only a lipstick and an eye-shadow palette but in the end I got these : Natural Makeup Kiko Cosmetics

If you’ve never heard of Kiko Cosmetics before, they’re considered the Italian version of Mac Cosmetics but at a high street price.  Last Monday, I spent about 37 euro in total, which was more than my initial budget, but oh well. I’m definitely going to use them regularly. Kiko Rebel Romantic Eye-shadow Palette Fiery Rose

The first thing that I got is the Rebel Romantic Eye-shadow Palette in Fiery Rose (12.90 euro).

It’s a matte eye-shadow with a slightly pink hue which is great for a neutral eye look, but with the bottom shades, has an option for a smoky look if you wanted to.

I don’t find them extremely pigmented as my infinity eye-shadows but they can be applied wet which gives it a deeper colour, which I haven’t tried yet. Kiko Rebel Romantic Contouring Pencil Set

These are the Rebel Romantic Contouring Pencil Set. (9.90 euro) It’s been said that pencils are good for those who are just starting out on contouring which gives you more defined features and a glowing look.

I’m not entirely convinced about these, and might give them away in time, but I’m giving them a try for now. I apply them more or less like in this video here. Kiko Soft Touch Blush 111

This Soft Touch Blush in Rosa Antico Scuro 111 (7.50 euro), I absolutely adore! It reminds me a lot of Nars Orgasm in the sense that there is a hint of shimmer, only a darker shade of peach. Which is great for duskier skin like mine as it gives me a natural looking flush . It wasn’t in my list, but I just couldn’t help but to put it in my basket in the end.

For an actual dupe for the Nars Orgasm, Pesca Dorato 103 seems a very close match to me. Kiko Velvet Mat Lipstick 612

Oh how much I love this lipstick! I’m not too fond of shiny lipsticks so the Velvet Mat Lipstick in Rosa Fragola 612 (6.90 euro) is just lovely.

As I wanted a Nude lip, I was torn between this and Rosa Naturale 602. In then I chose the one that the clerk recommended on me and hoped for the best.

I put it on as soon as I bought it. Ahaha! It’s a bit more pink that I would have liked but it looks so soft and pretty! It’s definitely my new favourite lipstick 🙂 Natural Makeup Kiko Cosmetics

I got the Rebel Romantic Colour Definition Eyeliner (5.90 euro) as gift for spending more than 25 euro.

There were different colours to choose from, but in the end, I chose the shade in butter as it’s something that I didn’t have. I think that it’s a better colour for lining the under eye rather than stark white which makes it look so unnatural.

I love how creamy it goes on. Maybe I should have gotten it in black instead? Natural Makeup Kiko Cosmetics

And here is how I look a few minutes after playing with my new colouring toys. I love this look so much! I feel so pretty. 😀

The O Bag

Nowadays, I can’t go anywhere without seeing at least one of these bags. O Bag

This is called an O Bag – easily recognized by it’s foam rubber body and its bucket shape, it’s said to be designed and made in Italy. I find it a bit interesting, in the sense that you could customize it how you like it to be :

First you choose the body from a range of colors, then you choose the handle and  then add trimmings if you like, and an inner canvas. O Bag

I guess it looks cute, and in a way, this could be a practical bag since the body seems to be easy to clean.

What do you think of it? Would you get one for yourself?

Nude attack!

I don’t usually put make-up on. Nevertheless, I’m still fascinated by it  and one of the things that I’ve always loved is the natural eye-shadow palettes.

Probably one of the most talked about palette on-line would definitely be the Naked Palette Series by Urban Decay. They are undeniably gorgeous and may be worth getting for many, but at 48 euro each, I don’t even hesitate to put it out of my option list, especially when I don’t keep eyeshadows for more than two years.

(At most, I might consider the Naked Basics)

28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

A long time ago, I used to own a neutral palette. It had 28 different shades which was fun to play with. But in the end I realised that I used just a few because some of the colours looked pretty much the same when I used them on my skin.

I didn’t give much thought about it since then, but it’s only recently that I started to see quite a number of dupes on the high streets in Rome.

Aqua Sapone is a place where I normally get my toiletries as they have a bigger range and better deal for skin care. One day at the cosmetics section, I noticed the Maybelline The Nudes Palette.

Maybelline The Nudes

It was so pretty that I just had to stop, to play with it – it had a good mix of shimmery and matt shades and swatching it, I thought that the texture was good too. It was on offer for about 15 euro, so I thought that it was a good deal. I was about to get one for myself, but found out that it was sold out. I felt a little sad, but I got over it.

Then I was at a department store called Upim and at the cosmetics section, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they sold Physician’s Formula. This was a brand which I loved when I was living in Singapore and was flabbergasted when they removed themselves from the market.

Anyway, I noticed the shimmer strips eye palette. I really liked the packaging. The small size makes it travel friendly and it looked so cute with its black lace design.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Nude Palette

The only thing is that all of the shades where shiny (hence the name) which wasn’t what I was looking for, also because I still have my old Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow quad.

Very recently, I found out that newcomer Wycon Cosmetics has their Nude’N’Wild Eyepalette.

Wycon Nude N Wild Eyepalette

This palette looks extremely similar to the one of Urban Decay, down to the long applicator. I don’t know how dupe-able it is, but for about 20 euro (on sale) it doesn’t seem like a bad deal.

I didn’t get this palette though as I got to know about it too late and I went to Kiko in the end. It was the one in the Via Europa branch as there was a sale going on and it’s usually less crowded there.  Kiko stores are known to be notoriously crowded so it was nice to be able to have a breather here.

Here, I saw their latest Reckless Spirit eyeshadow palette under their Rebel Romantic collection.

Kiko Reckless Spirit Eyeshadow Palette

At first glance, it doesn’t seem to be anything special, but the more you observe it, the more you find it charming. The colours look extremely wearable and swatching it on my skin, I thought that the texture was creamy and the hue was vivid.

But because the lightest colour didn’t didn’t seem to fit my skin tone, so I opted to get their Infinity Eyeshadows instead – here you could customise your own palette and choose the colours you want.

After swatching for the umpteenth time, I got these for myself :

Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow 214 210 217

One for the brow-bone, one for the lid, one for the crease

Kiko Infinity Eyeshadow 214 210 217

The texture is smooth and there is no fallout when I apply it on my eyelids. So far, it seems to be long lasting and the colours stay put even hours after an evening out – which is quite impressive considering that I got each colour for only 2.40 euro (on discount)

On the other hand, the palette case was all sold out when I was there, rendering my use of the colours quite awkward. I even managed to break one of the plastic lids in my hurry to get ready to go out. (Make a guess of which one?)

At the moment, my obsession on getting a palette seems to be waning away, but I still wonder if there are other nude eyeshadow palettes out there in Italy 🙂


The tallest pair of shoes I’ve ever worn

In Italy, there are big sales held twice a year – once in January and the other in July.

I don’t usually buy a lot of things during the sale as I think that I have quite a number of apparels already and I’m trying to embrace the minimalist style of living – if I don’t wear something at least once in a year, I shouldn’t get more of it.

Anyway Cart gave me a lovely red and black dress recently as a gift. It’s a an elegant looking dress that wouldn’t look out of place to be worn at a classy luncheon or a cocktail party. I doubt that we’ll be going to an event like this in the near future, but no matter, I thought that I could just pair it with my grey shoes.

No!” Cart said indignantly, “A dress like that needs to be matched with black shoes“.

Uh ok. So taking advantage of the sale, we went to Euroma2 and headed to the various shoe shops inside. I didn’t quite like many of the choices there, but when we stopped at the final shop, was when we both got mesmerized by this pair of black pumps. Mana Designs Italian black pumps heels

This used to be 80 euros and it’s on 50% discount and it’s gorgeous. It’s by a brand called Mana Designs which I’ve never heard of before, but I love the sleekness of it. It has a modern front base which gives the illusion of a boosted height. It’s rounded which I liked as personally, I’ve never liked pointy shoes. Mana Designs Italian black pumps heels

I especially liked it’s simplistic elegance, making it suitable for practically almost any outfit. And the curve of the back heels is so sexy. Putting them on, makes me feel very sexy.

As much as I enjoy wearing shoes that allows me to run around like my New Balance Minimus, I don’t mind wearing this every now and then.

The only problem is that this is probably the tallest pair of shoes that I’ve ever had.  I could walk in them fine when I’m at home, but we all know that it’ll be a different experience altogether wearing them out. Mana Designs Italian black pumps heels Mana Designs Italian black pumps heels Mana Designs Italian black pumps heels

I’d have to walk in a slow and calculated gait as there is a risk that I might break my ankles if I’m not careful. But putting them on makes me feel sexy though, poised and powerful.

By the way, did you read the article about how studies found that men are more willing to help women in heels? Mana Designs Italian black pumps heels

Anyway, lets see how it goes. Maybe I’ll wear it out next week’s Saturday.

Sidenote : My friend was posting this interesting offer in a restaurant in Singapore – the higher your heels are, the more discount you’ll get. I think I could easily get a 50% off my bill!

The most beautiful bicycle bag you’ve ever seen

After wanting a bicycle for the longest time, I got for myself one yesterday. It’s a B-Twin Elops 3, has a 5 speed gear and it has a dynamo light in front of it which I thought was really functional. At about 200 euro, I thought that it was quite expensive compared to the ones I see sold in Singapore, but I guess it’s the standard here. B-twin Elops 3 bicycle

It’s been a while since the last time that I’ve been cycling but it’s a skill that you never lose. In no time at all, I was up and around the neighbourhood. It’s really nice being able to reach a place in just a few minutes compared to probably 3 times longer when you’re on foot.

But the thing that I didn’t expect was how my neighbourhood is full of slopes which can be quite tiring when you’re going uphill. You don’t feel it so much when you’re walking leisurely. But I felt it today! My thighs are surely going to be sore tomorrow. At this point of time, I don’t feel too confident of straying too far away from my neighbourhood much less even think of joining a duathlon.

The bicycle that I have is a women’s version – the crossbar is lower so that the woman could cross her legs over daintily and wear a skirt if she fancied. But I noticed that on my bicycle, you need to pedal more compared to a regular bicycle. And considering that it’s a women’s bike, it’s quite heavy at 17 kg. I don’t trust leaving it outside and lifting it up the stairs is a bit of a pain since it doesn’t fit in the elevator. I’ll just think of it as a form of strength exercise. Basil Bicycle Bags

Nevertheless, I’ve been looking around for panniers which I think would be extremely useful for carrying things, like grocery shopping. Quite by chance, I found these : Basil Bicycle Bags Basil Bicycle Bags

Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous? In a sea of industrial looking pannier bags, these look so feminine and charming. It also comes in blue and black, as well as other designs but I find the red one particularly striking.

This bag is from a company in the Netherlands called Basil and they specialise in bicycle assortment from bicycle baskets, bags to accessories. Basil Bicycle Bags

From the site, I also found side-bags which doubles up as regular shoulder bags. There is a hidden flap in each one which reveals a hook which you attach to your carrier. Basil Bicycle Bags Basil Bicycle Bags

I think it’s a genius idea and I wouldn’t mind getting one of that. It looks roomy enough for me to stuff a lot of things inside.

And there is also the milk-basket which gives you the convenience to put which ever bags and items you want in.  And it still looks cute. Basil Bicycle Bags

Which one would you get? At first I wanted the pannier, then I thought the bag would be great, then the basket …  I can’t make up my mind!

Nevertheless, anything that is imported from outside Italy, almost always costs a bomb with the additional tax and whatnots so it’ll have to wait for a while …

How I made a pair of culottes with 2 euro

There is a large bancarella near the Piramide metro station which opens from morning till the evening. rainbow in Rome

It can get a little overwhelming as there are an increasing number of unlicensed sellers (called abusivi) there, but if you’re diligent you could find interesting things there and I scored this skirt for 2 euro. Sews a pair of culottes

It was much too large for me to wear as it is, but I planned on making a pair of culottes with them. I’ve wanted one for the longest time. As you know, culottes are a pair of trousers that look like skirts. They are said to be great for lady bikers as they look feminine and yet decent enough so that you don’t get an awkward up-skirt situation with normal skirts. Sews a pair of culottes

I’ve never done anything like this before so it was a good practise using a second hand outfit. Even if I messed up, it was just 2 euro as opposed to having to pay 70 for new materials.

Researching online, I found a blog where it teaches you on how to make a pair of culottes. but since my skirt was already pre-made, it didn’t quite apply the same so I’d just have wing it somehow. Sews a pair of culottes

I basically de-constructed the skirt using a seam-ripper and divided it into two – each part will be meant as a tube for each leg, and putting the zip and buttons aside. Sews a pair of culottes

With each piece, I folded it, and measured the waist using my waist circumference times 2 divided by 6,28. I etched a line on that and added another 5 cm leeway and then drew a curve with enough space to fit my hips. Sews a pair of culottes

And then cut using the guidelines.

After that, all that was needed was a side stitch to prevent them from fraying and then to connect them together with a sewing machine. I left some space on the front so that I could add in the zip. Sews a pair of culottes

And here is what it looks like finished! Sews a pair of culottes Sews a pair of culottes

I don’t think it’s my best handiwork, as the stitchings look so rough and uneven. It definitely could be better but nevertheless, I’m childishly proud and excited of it. Sews a pair of culottes

Hence the same day itself when I was done sewing, I gave it a test run on Sam the scooter. It was fine enough initially, but when I went at high speeds and coupled with the strong winds, due to the large flare at the bottom … I accidentally showed off more thigh than what I expected. Ehm. I guess this might need to be modified a little more.

What I wore yesterday

You know how during the holidays, people tend to dress up nicely? Well, it was Eid-al-adhar yesterday,  and this was how I dressed up  :

They each had a function. My baju kurong, which I like to wear during festive days like these. A windbreaker and a makeshift headgear tied to my neck to protect myself from the cold Autumn wind. My purple sling bag which is great for travelling on scooters. My purple canvas shoes, for easy slip on and off. Coloured socks (The first thing I grabbed from the drawer) and of course Sam the scooter! I have had enough of trying to search for parking in that area. It was such a breeze just parking Sam at a little corner by the road.

In any case, as hipster as I am, it still feels odd going out like that. I look horrible! Hahaha! I just had to thicken my skin. :p

What would you do if your bag got clawed?

Charles and Keith is a Singaporean brand that was known for their shoes.  I remember buying a pair of shoes donkey years ago while I was working in Marina Square, and being so happy with buying something with my new job.

This was way before my blogging days, but here is a very old post of another pair I got here. Man, I still love those rainbow wedges. Now that I look back, I wish I had gotten 10 pairs of them so I could just replace it when it got damaged.

Anyway! My best friends Juli and Hema got me a bag from Charles and Keith while I was back in Singapore, which was very sweet and thoughtful of them.

They remembered that green is my favourite colour. And there is a detachable side strap so I can sling it over my shoulder. A function which I love, and find very useful as I ride a scooter so it puts my mind at ease that it wont suddenly drop off while I’m on the road.

Inside is roomy enough to pack in my daily essentials like my wallet, mobile phone, keys, camera and whatnots.

In short, I really love my gift. Thanks Juli! Thanks Hema! 🙂

I love my bag so much that I was super careful with it, and made sure that I didn’t handle it too roughly in fear that I could accidentally scratch it. After all, my besties, whom I don’t meet up as often now, gave it to me, so I want to treasure it.

The irony of this story is that I left the bag on the bed for a bit to pray, and Janet the evil cat entered the room and started clawing it!

I broke my prayers when I heard the horrible sound, and when I saw the damage, I was hysterical!

rinaz cry

In my anger, I cooked Janet the evil cat into satay. On the flip side, I guess I have a sort of  souvenir, so in a way, I can remember more of Singapore, I guess.

In any case, does anyone have any idea how to fix my bag? I doubt a cobbler could do anything about it.

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And here’s my latest sewing project!

I’m having a lot of fun with my sewing projects to the point that I’m starting to neglect a bit of housework on account of how engrossing it is! Hahaha!

Anyway for today’s bancarella, I thought that I’d introduce probably the biggest flea market in Rome – Porta Portese.

This mercato is opened every Sunday morning till about 2pm. And the easiest way to get here is probably to take the train to Trastevere and then switch to the number 8 tram.

To me, it’s interesting as the area is a regular road, but closed from traffic during market times. And here you could find a lot of things ranging from jewellery, vinyl, furniture. I even found some Milo Manara comics.

I’m not sure if it’s such a touristy place to be, but if you are ever in Rome, I think it’s something to be seen.

Anyway, I got this outfit for 1 euro. And I’m not too sure what exactly it is. Is it a skirt? Is it a top? In either case, each option is much too loose for me.

Nevertheless, I quite liked the delicate purple and blue flower prints.

So first things first, removing of all the extra tags. Jackpot. Is it a famous brand?

And I used my trusty seam ripper …

And scored for myself a free elastic band. Hahaha!

And then using a template (in Italian it is called cartamodello) from my favourite magazine, I scratched my head for a while trying to decipher it, and eventually managed to figure it out and had it traced out on a tracing paper.

The magazine claims that the edges are not included in the template, I had to make another tracing with a little bit of space on the fabric. And I learnt a new word. Gesso. That means chalk in Italian.

Here goes nothing! Again, I feel bad for cutting the outfit, it’s like destroying a completely perfect thing. So I had to strengthen my inner-self. Besides, if I messed up, it’s only 1 euro, I psycho-ed myself (please excuse the unclassy looking weights)

Snip snip snip! And here is the poor leftover!

I also made piping! This is an easy way to neaten an outfit and ironing helps to make the material flat and easier to work with.

Here goes nothing! It’s sewing time! I even put a post pad with scribbles of which stitches to use. Hahaha!

And this is what it looks like finished. The odd thing is that I followed the template for my sizing, but it turned out rather big for me. Burda! Y U TRICK ME!

The top may look simple, but it actually took a much longer time compared to my previous project on account that I had to be much more meticulous in measuring and then doing a running stitch to see that everything goes before doing the final machine sewing.

In any case, I quite adore the bunching up effect here. Cute!

Camwhore time! Hehehe!

I paired my top with a 4 euro skirt I got also from Porta Portese (H&M and it looked brand new!) bangles I got some while back, heels from Pazzion which was supposed to be my wedding shoes, a large band belt, and one of my favourite gold necklace which was a gift from my mum on my 23rd birthday.

I look like a lay-deh! So demure and coy.

My fab top is only 1 euro! Shh! Don’t tell anyone!

This is the, ‘I’m waiting for my boyfriend and he is late and I am starting to get annoyed‘ pose.

And my favourite pose of the moment :

Me channelling Victoria Beckham, all regal and sophisticated with a stare that can stop you with just one look.

Hahahaha!!! In any case, I had a lot of fun with this project and I don’t even mind wearing this ensemble out. So what do you think of the top I did 🙂