No tea at the high tea

Remember this?

Juli and I were supposed to have lunch together at the Cafe Vienna but changed our minds when we saw the amount of people who were already queuing there at 1.30 pm. Just look at the amount of people!

From the entrance :

To the outside :

The line only ended here by the music centre in the building next to it.

We decided to have lunch at Far East Plaza instead and then spent the day shopping.

I found out that Juli had a lot of stamina. After about 3 hours, she was still energetic and trying out dresses while my knees were already screaming out in pain.

Perhaps the reason for it is that she was more enthusiastic than I was. Most of the times, clothes shopping isn’t really fun for me. As much as I love and admire beautiful clothes, there isn’t a lot of stores here which are right for me.

I don’t think I am so large. Am I?

We spotted a clothes shop. It had the loveliest pink dress and we both gushed over it. It was a princess cut dress with pearl buttons. It looked rather royale.

I had to try it on.

Me : What size is this?

Salesgirl : Its free size! Want to try?

Me : Yes

Excitedly I went in the changing room. But when I tried it on, I found out that it was such a chore. I could slip the skirt part easily, but when it came to the top part, I had to take a deep breath, do a few yoga techniques, and worm my way into it.

Finally I managed to wear the dress. Juli wanted to see.

Juli : It looks very interesting

Salesgirl : That looks very nice on you!

Me : I-cant-breathe.

Disappointed, I wormed my way out of the dress and walked around the other shops on the floor.

By the time I explore the entire floor, Juli was still at the same shop, trying out other clothes. She looked great in this 70’s looking dress.

Something like the purple dress, with a boat neck.

Since I have already seen all the shops on the floor, I went down and explored. And when I was done, I went down another floor, and another and another…

I must have walked through the entire Far East Plaza Building and finally found myself at the basement when I texted Juli to ask her where she was.

It turns out that she was still at the same level!

But I did manage to stumble upon this lovely dress while walking and was admiring it and went in to try it on.

It was so nice. Finally a dress that fitted! Almost. Its was slightly tight at the chest, but I could reposition the buttons and sew it back.

So I got it and now I have a nice dress! 🙂

I do like shopping at Far East Plaza. There are nice clothes here at affordable prices. My dress cost me about $50 dollars. Dresses are usually priced at $80 and above at other shopping centres.

At length, we were both done and decided to walk around the city area. It was lovely to see the city at night, with all the lights and the decorations. I saw streets of trees wrapped up in red and white cloth and fairy lights around them.

That’s when I saw three girls walking around in a bridal dress with a long train. Isn’t it going to get dirty with all the traces of dirt from other people?

They were promoting this Nina Ricci perfume.

The three snow whites and the not so white.

I think the perfume was shaped to symbolise a fairy tale? But why were they in bridal gowns and not in snow white costumes then? Or maybe have wings behind them to represent faeries.

I’m confused about this advertisement campaign.

And look what we found while walking. A true Salvator Dali sculpture! I enjoy Surrealist Art and Dali is one the great fathers of them all.

This is called Space Venus. And in typical Dali style, there is a liquidated clock (on her neck) Spiders (on her hips) and there’s a big egg (above her groin) supposed to symbolise fertility.

There are other Dali sculptures in the city area. I would have liked to see them all. Hopefully I’d be able to see them the next time I go there again. 🙂

I love shoes

I do so love my shoes.

I may not be the most gentlest person with shoes Being a rather rough person, regular shoes typically dont last more than a month with me. In the end, I’d usually encounter footwear calamities like this that I can only laugh at days after.

But that doesnt stop me loving beautiful shoes.

I was walking around the Jurong Point Shopping Center when I found these very pretty and colourful pair of wedges at Charles and Keith. It was love at first sight. I just had to try them on. It looked as good as it was comfortable to wear.

It was so comfortable that I had no problem wearing when riding my scooter.

Another pair of lovely that I found was from Bata. Even though Bata has a reputation here in Singapore, as being ‘Buy And Throw Away’ for not lasting very long, undeniably, there are some very lovely designs there, such as this green and pink cork wedges that I found.

It was extremely sexy. And I loved how it immediately made any outfit feminine. It was a timeless design. The only minus point was that it can get uncomfortable after a while because of its gradient. A day at work with these shoes wont be practical.

The funny thing is, I dont usually wear these shoes and my other pretty shoes to work anymore. Instead, I wear a pair of mocassins thats almost disintegrating already but I just dont have the heart to replace.

Do you have any objects that you absolutely adore like I adore shoes?

My battle with Acne

Warning : This post may contain disturbing graphic images

Though I don’t think of myself as a model-worthy person, I do think of myself as a relatively attractive woman.

I have to thank my genes, both my parents being good looking – my mum of Bugis descent while my dad is 1/4 Indian.

When I wake up and look in the mirror, most of the times, I’m quite thankful to see that even without the aid of make-up, a relatively clear face with a hint of pink on the cheeks, shiny and abundant black hair.

It hasn’t always been like that though.

Growing up as the eldest child, in a neighbourhood full of male peers, I was a tomboy and I didn’t care about how I looked like.

As a toddler

At 8 years old with the world’s best brother

At 12 years old, with my cousin Noreen

But as I grew out of my childhood, and puberty kicked in, I started to have acne. At first, it was quite tolerable, the acne was small-ish and it was infrequent. I started to use a fair bit of my pocket money to buy loads of over the counter face wash, to try to control the zits. I tried brands like Neutrogena and Oxy-10.

Some of them worked fine, while others didn’t work very well and even made my face crack and burn. In time, I learnt which brands I needed to avoid.

But the worse was to come.

During my pre-university days in JI, the zits flared threefold and I started to have larger and angrier pustules. It was probably from the stress that I was experiencing while in school. It was extremely disconcerting to see the zits.

Being a student, and unable to afford a dermatologist, I decided to go to the government subsidised polyclinic. I was prescribed an anti-biotic called tetracycline which I had to take regularly.

After a few months my face was clear and I felt pretty again.

Jurong Institute, Racial Harmony Day, 1998

Several years later, I started working as a part time trainer. I started to have small zits on my face. This time, I decided to use a facial set called ‘Proactive Solution’. To a large extent, it was beneficial in controlling my zits, but after using it for a length of time, it began to irritate my sensitive skin. My skin felt stung and raw.

I tried going for facial sessions. I hated the visits though. They have this technique called ‘extraction’ where they poke your face with a metal device and squeeze the zits out. That was excruciating pain! Many a time, I’d be crying out of the pain.

I couldn’t continue with the treatments any more.

I then went back to the government subsidised polyclinic and had a referral to the National Skin Center. I was prescribed with a stronger version antibiotics called doxycycline. After a few months, my skin was clear again and stayed clear till late 2004 and to which I think, started one of the lowest point of my life.

Early 2004

August 2004

December 2004

I used to have a job where the managers mishandled finances, and they decided to suddenly cut my pay in half, and didn’t pay regularly. With the stress of having to make payments for the bills and my upcoming course, my face flared up again. I had to watch my money very carefully and not make extravagant purchases.

I tried to use the internet for advice and took the tips from a forum. It claims that through the correct consumption of food, acne could be controlled.

I gave it a try. I didn’t consume complex sugars and oil and avoided milk. Once a week I did the salt water flush which was supposed to be beneficial for clearing my kidneys to prevent kidney stones that affects the condition of the skin.

I shudder when I see this picture of me in January 2005

It might have worked for a lot of people, but it didn’t worked for me. And my skin continued to be bad till I decided that I’ve had enough and went to see a general practitioner about my face. He prescribed doxycycline. Additionally, he told me that I had to continue with my topical skincare antibiotics even after the internal antibiotics because a woman’s hormones more or less balances out when they turn 30.

Prescription only topical antibiotics

It took longer for my skin to become clear. It has been about two months now that I’ve stopped taking the antibiotics. I still have zits every now and then. But its certainly not as bad as last year. I am starting to feel more confidence about myself now.

I really hope that I don’t get my flare-ups again. No one should go through all that emotional trauma. Even if people say that physical appearances doesn’t matter, it still hurtful when these same people gives out gestures or even worse, comments.

My face is relatively clear at the moment. But lets see how it turns out in time.

By the way, I am not proud of my zits picture but its been part of my growing up. Its part of life, that builds me.

Pretty shoes makes me go crazy

I don’t think I am a very gentle person, especially with shoes. Moreso with incidences such as this, this and this.

Guess what? I’ve already broken this one. Poor camel suede shoes from Mondo. May you rest in pieces.

So today, when the rubber heel came apart from this pair of shoe which I bought about a month ago. Incidentally I bought that while out with Juli because the camel suede shoes decided to die there and then.

Luckily for me, I had extra rubber heels that I could attach to the shoe. I decided to buy another pair of shoe before it got too damaged. I stopped by this shop called Moda Paolo which was near my workplace.

I thought to myself, “Get sensible shoes Marina. Nice flat ones. Something that you can walk comfortably in

And in the end, I got this:

Undeniably, it was beautiful and stylish. With beautiful gold trimmings and I love the lovely details in the front. But what on earth posessed me to get a stiletto? This was the tallest shoe that I’ve ever owned in my lifetime. This isn’t practical shoes! I would never be able to wear it at work!

I was remorseful. I felt guilty. So I decided to buy this:

Looks pretty simple right? But when I put it on, I was taller, more attractive. Suddenly I had the legs of a goddess.

Oooh! Sexy! Ooo laa laa! Tres Magnifique! Mi piace molto!

Oh gosh. Practicality and sanity all thrown out of the window. Manolo Blahnik here I come!

The beautiful face

According to research as shown from ‘The human face‘, a beautiful face constitutes to a face that is symmetrical.

Yoanna House, winner of America’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2

I, on the other hand, do not have a symmetrical face.

I’ve had a wonky eye since birth

But on the other hand, I think I look freaky if I were to look like this :

or this :

So what exactly constitutes to someone being physically attractive?

I love bras. They are so uplifting.

Oh my, Minoshe has a new website and there’s even more lovelies to drool over!

I want! I want! I want them all!

But Marina, you’ve got so many lingerie already …

But I love them …

But you’ve got enough to last you two years

But I want …

You’re being wasteful

But they are so pretty …


The heart is strong but the flesh is weak. Anyway, Minoshe has a promotion at IMM this weekend. Trade in your old bra and get discounts on a new one … hehehe. I think I’ll drop by and take a look. Would be fun I think. 🙂

Cart and I planned to meet again this coming June for our vacation and I was just comparing a few flights from Singapore to Rome and I am flummoxed and quite flabbergasted really, at how fast the price increased in just a span of a week.

When visiting cartcart last year, we used to book a flight. It was a smooth and professional transaction by I liked the way that they did the itineraries, everything was complete, from the plane number to the gate numbers at the stopover.

But it was still kind of pricey, so I thought I’d do a little research myself.

Since I was in the airfrance flight last year which I liked very much, naturally, I went to their website and compared the prices there.

A few clicks later, I found that it was about $900 without taxes, and that sounds pretty good. Let me wait a little bit and see if there are other offers somewhere else.

KLM my inbound flight was slightly more expensive at about 1.2k without taxes.

That was last week.

Today I checked the same flight again and it has increased by at least another $100 dollars … oh my. Plus taxes, it will easily reach 1.5k How now? These flights are costing me more than a month’s pay. Need to find cheaper alternatives.

Juli will be going to the Natas fair this Sunday … I think I’ll tag along too.

O how I wish I was rich. Wonder what I can do for extra money. Any ideas anyone?

  • I can do beautiful studio shoots but it seems like either people don’t want to do it or too shy …
  • I can do digital art but it seems like no one wants my services :

Ahh what can I do? Maybe I’ll try to write some articles and see if there be any publication who wants to buy them. I got to try something after all.

*Goes to sing at the void deck and begs for moolah*

Starting on my night class soon!

I feel kind of nervous now. My classmate, Adi, just messaged me about how expensive the examination fees was and I went to look at the Singapore Examinations website myself.

A quick calculation showed that it would cost me about $650 dollars for the examination and surfing through the examination timetable, it looks like my entire November would be filled up with examinations. I am not sure if the company I’m working with would allow me to take so much time off.

That was quite expensive for since Adi and I, are not a high income earners. We really wouldn’t want to waste the money by squandering the time away.

I’m feeling nervous chiefly because I don’t feel so prepared and yet I’m putting in a lot of hope into this. I’d like to have a taste of what university life is like instead of just wishing about it.

There was once a time when someone said, the doors for entering university would be forever closed to me. At that time, I accepted it but now, I’d like to at least try. It makes me feel that my self-worth is higher. Society here doesn’t say it out directly, that “You’re stupid and unqualified to do many things”. But one can’t help to feel that way. With many decent jobs asking for at least a degree now. Even being a flight attendant in the Singapore Airlines require at least an A Level certification.

I’m taking my A Levels right now. At my age, I’m supposed to have completed my tertiary education already. And now I’m competing with people who are almost 10 years younger than I am. That puts me in quite a bit of pressure. I should do things so that I wont feel regret in the future, like next year in march when I receive the results.

Do a little bit that you dont like today, so you can enjoy what you like, tomorrow.

I’m starting to get overwhelmed and stressed. I feel the need to eat and eat and eat.

Anyhow, I registered for my classes yesterday at the Clementi ITE and I feel really thankful that there are institutions like these that gave subsidized education for the locals. I know that I’ve said this before but I really wished that there were more people whom would take it up. Even my brother asked me for recommendations for private A levels

Bro : Do you think that BMC is a good place to take private A levels? My friend says that it costs about $3500 to study there.

Me : BMC? Why go to BMC when you can go to ITE? Its cheaper there.

Bro : He says that there are not enough teachers in ITE

Me : Huh? When did he register?

Bro : Last month

Me : Last month? But registrations just started this week.

I haven’t been to BMC, personally but my experiences with private schools hasn’t been very positive, after going to informatics for my Diploma in Computer Science. Most of the instructors didn’t seem capable of teaching – all they did was to stand in front of the class and read from the text book and I wasn’t happy with that at all. The fees were atrocious at 5k for the diploma to 10k for the advanced diploma – so I expected quality teaching. I should have gone for the polytechnic education instead huh? Informatics was not only a waste of money, but also a waste of time too.

I’m not sure how the conditions are right now, maybe it has improved, judging from what friends say, but for now, I don’t think it’s wise to go to a private institution when a government subsidized one is actually better.

My registration for my classes went along speedily enough. It took me less than an hour to get everything done, the registration for the classes, the confirmation and the computerization and the payment. Everything was done quite professionally. Sure, the people serving me didn’t wear shirts and ties and coats. Sure the place wasn’t a 5-star building. But it was the friendly and helpful way that the people went about which is the most important thing.

My new classes starts on the 29th March, I’m so looking forward to starting my night classes again 🙂

Stopped by IMM shopping centre for a stroll and had to get myself an eye lubricant. My new contact lenses made my eyes feel dry. The right lens just popped out of my eye yesterday, literally! I’ve never had an encounter like that before with my previous contact lenses – putting it back in again without the solution was really quite uncomfortable. I’ll never forget to bring a mini bottle of solution in my travels again.

Image hosting by Photobucket

I also went around looking for some shirts. Alas, I’ve grown bigger (due to binge eating due to stress) A lot of my clothes don’t fit me well now. So I went to Dano, after seeing how they are having a sale.

I tried on a pair of pants. There was a discount for their pants and I liked how the khaki pants looks so I went over to give it a try. I’m usually a size M, so I went to try that pair on and took size L just for good measure. I couldn’t get in size M, and I couldn’t even put size L over my thighs.

Ok fine.

I went out of the dressing room and took a pair of size XL. And it STILL wouldn’t go over my thighs! Finally I took size XXL. I managed to put it on, but it was so uncomfortable wearing it. It slung low over my hips. My thighs looked like sausages. I tried to imagine what I’d look like when I am sitting with that pants on. So I put my palms to my knees and bent forward.

Argh! The horror! No one wants to see that! No matter how attractive a woman is, unless they are in beachwear, seeing their crack is so repulsive. Argh! I’m not getting this pants! Never!

Anyway I don’t think Dano is suited for the average sized average women. I don’t think I am so large but a lot of the clothes here don’t fit me. So obviously, I didn’t buy a lot of things here. I just got for myself two white cotton tops due to the horrifyingly hot weather we are having right now and informed the nice (but super skinny) salesgirls there that the rest of the clothes couldn’t fit me.

Oh well.

Went to Minoshe for a bit to see what new lovelies that they had in store. And yes, as waste of money, but I just had to get yet another set of bra + panty + chemise

How could anyone not love this? So pretty. And it went for less than $50 dollars too. Cheaper than for just one triumph bra. While I LIKE triumph lingerie, it’s just too pricey for me)

I also saw this cool looking sun-dress that turns into a skirt when you take the straps off. So interesting. I so like the design

Photo-shopped to hide the messiness of my room

Okay, I think I’ll go and start the day now . Clean up my horrifyingly messy room, do a bit of ironing and then a bit of studying after that. Smooches everyone reading! 🙂

I actually broke a Nokia phone

2 weeks in the new year and I think I’ve settled down a little, more or less. Back to regular blogging!
The Nokia 3310

My first coloured mob phone, my beloved Nokia 3310 finally busted. It started with the motherboard having problems, making it non-chargeable using the regular method then recently, it wouldn’t ring at all, rendering in many missed calls.

Okay mostly it was really my fault since I’m such a rough person and tend to drop it a lot. Phones should really be built with rubber cushions at the exterior for people like me.

I had to cave in and get a replacement mob phone and decided to finally get a second hand Nokia 7260.

The interesting thing about Singapore is that there are many shops that sells and repairs mobile phones. Just the other day while walking in Jurong East during my lunch break, I counted that there were at the very least 10 of these kiosks selling mobile phones. It made me wonder, if it is such a lucrative business or will it flounder like the bubble tea business during the year 2000?

A big crowd at the mosque for the morning Hari Raya Prayers

Sacrificial sheep which will be distributed to the poor

Boys watching the sacrificial rites

Anyhow, it was 10th January, Hari Raya Haji, and it was the norm for the family to visit the paternal and maternal clans. After the morning prayers, we went to our paternal and then our maternal clan which was located in Tampines.

I saw a mob phone shop. After contemplation, I went in and asked to examine the phone and finally gotten the phone after trading in my old phone for the price of SG$160

Image hosted by

It was a pretty cool phone with radio features, camera features and voice recorder, among other regular features that is expected of Nokia. To me, once you’ve tried a Nokia, you’ll never go back to other phones. After all, Nokia has the human technology.

I played around with it and here are some of the photos that I snapped with it :

The pictures look fairly decent. Of course not as sharp as a regular camera, a little watercolour-eque but for a phone, it was rather good.

I liked the voice and video recording features too. I made my dearest’s voice into my ringtone!

With the right software, I was even able to create my own ringtones and my own wallpaper. I’m so geeked out at this. Previously, I’d have to pay an insane amount for personalised wallpaper and ringtones.

Using the right cable, the Nokia 7260 uses C4-42 (which you can get cheaply from yahoo auctions) and you could transfer data to and from the computer.

I use the Nokia PC suite for the phone data and the Miksoft Mobile AMR converter to create the ringtones

Anyhow, being a second hand phone, I saw that there were some stuff that’s left in there by the previous owner and going through it, I saw that the previous owner was a Malay female and judging from the pictures that she snapped, she was in her early 20’s. (I deleted all her pictures, messages and videos as wouldn’t be nice to keep them)

But going though the messages was like a little soap opera between her and her boyfriend.

I luvs you so much! Muakz! Muakz! Muakz! Muakz! Muakz!

Why do you have to see him? That makes me so jealous! You are my girl!

And stuff like that continued. People should remember to delete stuff like that before giving their phones away.

And speaking of broken phones. Guess what else I broke this week 🙁

Yes. Another shoe. After breaking multiple shoes in incidents such as this and this. My chicken shoes is part of the next dearly departed.

I love my chicken shoes so much. How can this happen? I was just walking home and the seams just busted out. It could be the overly rainy days that we were having that made the glue melted and my shoes fall apart.


I’d better take pictures of my current shoes before they go for their eventual death too.

Green Espadrilles from Tinkerbell for $25 dollars

Camel suede shoes from Noda for $15

Purple Crochet ballerina shoes from Mondo for $25

May I have your support please?

Thanks for all the wellwishes. The family is doing fine. Quite a few things to ponder about these few days. *hugs to all*

A slow and lazy day today, didn’t do much except for a bit of housework and other mundane things. An easy Sunday. Initially, I wanted to blog about the typical Singaporean sunday morning. How families would stroll about their nearest hawker center or coffee shop to have breakfast together.

I love hearing the morning chatter from the throngs of people that come around as well as the ever moving stallholders who are busy preparing their food and drinks. I ordered a national favourite, the Roti Prata along one of my favourite drinks, Teh Halia (Ginger Tea).

Didn’t take any pictures though. Really wasnt in the mood to ask for permission from the stallholders for a picture.

Anyway, my prata and the accompanying curry was still wonderfully piping hot when I reached home to eat it. I’m sure my dearest would love a Singaporean breakfast. It’s such a treat!

Anyhow, being a little anti social, I spent the entire day cooped up in my room doing nothing but silly internet stuff.

Didn’t even touched my uncompleted flash animation :

Like neopets. I don’t know what got into me that possesed me to play neopets after a hiatus of many years.

I started playing in 2001 after seeing some kids playing it in the computer lab. Curious to know what the appeal was, I started. It didn’t take me long to get addicted to it. The games were nice, and the activities there were engrossing. I liked taking care of my pet. And this was what he used to look like.

My lupez2k

He doesnt look like that anymore though because of my persistant laboratory experiments on him.

I have to admit that although it has absolutely no value in the real world, I’m quite proud of the so called achivements that I’ve done on neopets. Yes, its childish. But look!


And look!

A high level pet

And I’m quite proud of my paintbrush collection

Anyhow, I stopped playing neopets because of the fact that Neopets took away a lot of the games that I liked and changed a lot of the activities there. It just took away alot of the fun-factor for me. Moreover there was a sheer amount of advertising in it. Every page had at least two banners. Finally I lost interest in it eventually.

Later on in the afternoon, I tried to learn a bit of Italian with this wonderful software called The Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software. Unlike other language softwares that I’ve encountered, this one’s easy to learn. You pick the picture that describes the text.

Il toro calcia l’uomo. The bull kicks the man. Easy.

But when it starts getting to this bit here

Uhh … go left. Go right. No go left. Turn behind. No no no … turn around three times and click your shoes and wish for no other place but home. This is hard!

I had to stop that software for the moment. It was much too confusing for me. Anyway, I came this podcast a few days ago and though that it was quite interesting. It was about a man’s encounter in Italy and how his language learning came in handy.

Later on, I logged in Secondlife for a little bit to say hi to an old friend, Duo. He showed me his dance floor. I must say, that it looked groovalicious 🙂

Rinaz Bijoux hits the dancefloor!

Totally unrelated to today’s post, I thought I’d also include one of my mini obsession.

It started in 1913 when a Lady called Mary Phelps Jacob created this using two silk handkerchiefs and a ribbon. And since then, it has evolved to many wonderful designs. Some curious and some amazing.

What I am talking about, ladies and gentlemen is the wonderful brassiere.

One of my latest buys and the entire set costs only $50 SG dollars!

It’s funny how I used to be embarrassed to step in any lingerie shop but now, friends would sometimes be frustrated when I stop by my favourite Minoshe shop and won’t step out till hours later.

I love Minoshe for its cheaper price and the regularly updated designs. A bra and panty set usually costs less than $30. Which I think is awesome. I’d never buy expensive undies any more.

I had an unpleasant experience of buying a bra from an established lingerie shop. It was kind of expensive but it didn’t last very long.  After a while, it tore and wasn’t good any-more.

See, just as pretty as any Victoria’s Secrets 🙂

I love the different colours. A lot of pink ones lately.

Some of my newer buys. Couldn’t help it when Minoshe had a promotion – Buy two get one free. 3 sets for under 60 dollars.

While I don’t normally wear lacy stuff, I couldn’t help but to get this adorable one. It looks so sweet. I don’t quite fancy the ribbon on the panty but I can cut it away I guess.

And lately I’ve been quite paranoid about my lingerie by the fact that I only hand-wash them and hanging them separately. They always get missing if they are left to be washed in the machine. I don’t know why but since one of my nicer ones got missing, I didn’t want to take a chance any more.

Still, for some of the lovely designs from Minoshe, sometimes they do come out with odd designs.

I thought it was really ugly. The only reason why I got it is because I liked the black chemise that came along with it.

Okay, time to get back to trying to understand heads and tails to what the Rosetta stone software is trying to teach me. Till the next time 🙂

Laa laa laa

Daisypath Ticker
Ti amo tanto tanto tanto 🙂

Found a whole folder containing some mp3’s in my work computer and decided to dump some of the songs into my mp3 player. While listening to them on on the bus on my way to night class, I was totally gripped by one of the songs. It was called She’s Gone by Steelheart

Man, my eyebrows just arched whilst listening to it. Really. Really really. I was like:

She’s gone,
Out of my life.
I was wrong,
I’m to blame,
I was so untrue.
I can’t live without her love.

In my life
There’s just an empty space.
All my dreams are lost,
I’m wasting away.

Forgive me. Girrrrrrrrl.










(We interrupt this programme with a word from our sponsors)

Headache from thinking of you gf?
Heartache from her leaving you?
Sore throat from screaming like a psycho?

Aspirina C. For all your life’s problem.
Aspirina C. Get yours TODAY!

Ahh .. Back to normal and feeling sheepish.

Anyway, I was a little early to night class and my General Paper teacher, Mr Chako was there. His eyes were swollen, poor thing. It hurts just to look at him. He told me that he had an infection and the bad thing was, he was allergic to anti-biotics.

And he still went to work after given a few days leave.

Really gotta hand it to the man for being so dedicated to his work. He still felt sorry for himself though and mumbled a “Gosh, I feel so aged and tired, not like you, you’re young and pretty”

Huh? What?

“Pretty, you’re pretty and have good features. If you dont mind me saying, if you have no zits, you’d be stunning”

Uh .. Okay, thanks.

For the next few minutes, we talked about zits. I thought that zits were because of genetics. My mum had zits, and my grandmother and though I never seen her before, probably my great-grandmother and the one before and the one before. So therefore, I’d get zits too.

Mr Chako disagreed. He believes that pimples are treatable through medication and other remedies. And he began to talk about tetracyclene and facial regiments such as saloons and spas.

Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll never go to facials. I hate the extraction method that they do. It was super painful. I must have cried at the end of every session that I stopped and just gave the salon the cold shoulder.

And currently, I’m seeing a doctor for my skin malaise. It would take a longer time, but at least, there’s no painful poking involved. I asked him if zits were caused by genetics and he replied

“Well, the formation of pimples may be formed due to family genes. If your parents had oily skin, most probably you would have it too. But if one of your parent have oily skin and the other has dry skin, you might have combination skin where you have a T-Zone.

Oily skin may cause pores to block and form acne. However, acne is not a hereditary problem”

Hmm .. ok then. Anyways, I’m not really so bothered by zits now that my skin is getting better now as compared to last year.

I hated looking at myself in the mirror. I couldnt help thinking of how ugly I looked and how aweful everything was around me, coupled by the stress that was due to the company that I used to work with.

People around me would always comment about my face and that made me feel more aweful than ever. Juli must have seen me at my lowest peak at the beginning of this year when she asked me out in the Kinokuniya Bookshop. She asked me to dress up to meet a friend which I did. But my heart really wasnt in it. Because all that I could think of was how ugly I was, how broke I was to do anything about it, how my job sucks and how bleak everything else was.

I was just psychologically broken.

I mean seriously, how would you feel if you had a face like this?

Image hosted by

Sucks I tell you. Just plain sucks. I’m glad that I’ve got it over me, for now. The doctor says that these problems will stabilize when I reach about 30 years old. So I guess theres something to look forward to, at that age, after all. Not only will the skin condition stabilize, short sightedness would also stabilize.

I want to be 30, and flirty and fun

I know its pretty superficial and people would go about the cliqued saying of “Oh, its the inside that counts the most” It still affects someone, anyways. It doesnt help the soul at all.

Speaking of beauty, I was watching this interesting DVD that I borrowed from the library.

In series 3, it talked about the topic of beauty and interestingly enough, it says there is a mathematical ration to what equates to a beautiful shape.

In it, there is a golden ratio to the proportion. 1: 1.618

In a beautiful shape and face, the upper body and the torso would be 1 : 1.618 and this can be seen throughout the entire body as well as face.

Not sure how accurate this is, but I’m not going to start with my non symmetrical face.

A mask done by using these ratios

Fits Kate Moss’s face perfectly

And speaking of faces. Look at what I got from the mail today!

My fave vanity shoppe! With a new branch! In *MY* square! It must be a good sign of times to come 🙂